1. If there are quiet hours, and I assume there is after 7 pm until 6 am pr something like that then you should try to keep the noise minimum. But apart from that, it is what it is. You don't have to go out of your way to keep the noise minimum.

  2. It's best to look in marktplaats for used moving boxes. They sell like hotcakes cause you get bigger boxes for half the price.

  3. My family uses Radrunner 1 for many years now. Apart from some issues here and there we did not face any major problem. Of course, because of this I do not comment on this sub either because I have nothing to complain. So, don't look at the sub only to decide. It's a sort of anti-survivorship bias what you see here.

  4. ** meanwhile doctor wondering why we still don't hear back from those we recommend paracetamol.**

  5. If he is registered at a different address in NL it shouldn't be a problem

  6. I guess that's one advantage of a flat land.

  7. If your contract is not for an indefinite period then you can always break the contract after a calendar month notice. If it's for an indefinite period you can only do this after the initial fixed period ( usually a year).

  8. 1500 won't be easy, but its possible to find something in nearby villages or cities. As for cats, I assume the landlords would prefer not to have pets in the first place but its not that you won't get a place. It might be little difficult.

  9. it’s really bizarre… you cannot misgender someone , but you can tell masses to slap people, wtf..

  10. what sort of comparison are you trying to do?

  11. With a liberal right and 2 conservative Christian parties. Like to seem them as a part of a left coalition.

  12. I am waiting to hear why D66 forced itself into this coalition if its so against what they stand for.

  13. It isn’t that against it, but they’re the leftest, most progressive side of the current coalition and thus the first party you’d involve in a left wing coalition. Current coalition is too conservative for them, a left coalition would be too left, but pvda/gl/pvdd are never going to get a majority, even with d66 it’s a stretch but they’re the first substantially large party you would add after the classic left parties. SP is also an option, but that one might be a bit too left/conservative.

  14. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  15. Always say no to the first offer. - The Michael Scott Method of Negotiation

  16. I'm not sure yet if we want a normal ebike for my wife or a cargo so both would use it.

  17. I'd like to try that one, just curious since it seems so different to a normal bike. I bet those wheels are pretty good on the cobblestones.

  18. We chose mainly because at that time there were only few ebikes suitable for short people. However it turned out to be pretty good one so far.

  19. If you already moved to a house which required permit, you are all set.

  20. if its urgent, your best bet is one of the bigger energy companies. Eneco used to be the monopolist in this region, so give them a try:

  21. That's not true, they are not accepting any fixed price contract. Almost everyone is okay with variable/dynamic contract.

  22. Dont really know the reason. The road maintenance in Belgium is divided in two. Flemish and French side have their own road agency. French side is even worse than the Flemish side. I guess years of neglect and small budgets are to blame. They are making an effort last few years tho.

  23. I generally thought BE roads could be better, but definitely 'felt' that when I went into Wallonia.

  24. I’m with ABN, will talk to them but not being able to do so it would mean I would have to refuse a significant job offer or sell my house, and the latter is out of question.

  25. If you have enough overwaarde in your house, you can re evaluate your house for renting. Then you could get the points on the house, possibility of rent amount etc. Finally you could take a investment mortgage. It has a higher interest rate and shorter fixed tenure. Remember like others mentioned a house on rent is valued less than what it's valued when it's sold.

  26. Even people who are competing to rent at 1500 or 1800 per month need to account for furnishing and utilities. I expect the utilities expense to go wild in the upcoming few months (200% increase on current rates). So, I would say the wise thing to do is to rent well below your means.

  27. Albery Heijn has its own toogoodtogo in the app. Click Producten > AH overblijvers > type your city

  28. Not everything is a lesson Ryan, sometimes you just fail.

  29. Yep this is the one, absolutely classic

  30. It’s so frustrating..we have a €250/month contract which ends in September. We are going to pay €702/month and I couldn’t sleep last night because of that.. We want to invest in our house but we don’t have the savings to do it. We both work, have two young kids, receive no ‘toeslagen’ so this situation is slowly killing us.. and I work in a sector where they want as little contracts as possible so even after mentioning it multiple times, I’m not getting more hours. Husband already works fulltime. We have an apt at the bank in a couple of weeks to see whether we can get a home equity mortgage.

  31. I am in this exact situation, but I have till December.

  32. That is one way to damage ur battery though, lithium ion batteries degrade the least when kept charged between 30%-80%

  33. I bought mine when S10+ came out and so far I haven't seen any degradation.

  34. Actually he's right, if you don't let it go below 25-30% or above 80% charge its the best practice for the battery

  35. I don't disagree. I just mentioned that it was not necessary for me to have a good battery life for the last 3+ years. YMMV

  36. Try Marktplaats or 2nd hand FB groups. They are available dime a dozen. If not try your local Kringloop.

  37. We’ve switched from the middle package of Ziggo to the 1gigabit package from KPN. We did not have issues with Ziggo’s but damn fiber…. It’s amazing. Never had any issues with KPN whereas Ziggo was not open for delivering new hardware after 6+years even though new customers would get it. We had enough of their terrible customer service. Technically it worked fine, although I have to mention that the wife had many problems getting through walls and stuff. So I’m very happy that KPN delivered 2 additional WiFi extenders that are able to connect via cable (this is what does the trick). Anyways good luck with ziggo 👍

  38. I especially enjoy the higher upload speed. I do need that in my work and its amazing.

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