1. i swear you just described my mom. what i do now is accept the fact that she is just the way she is. i let my hopes up way too many times and ended up hurting myself because i believed i could change her. it sucks when you see others comfortably share news with their mom and receive a positive feedback, then you keep wondering why you don't have what seems to be such a normal thing. it's gonna take a while for you to come to terms with it, and please know that there are other people who are more than happy to hear your exciting news.

  2. I’ve been raped twice and, no offence, I want to punch your mother square in the face.

  3. i hope this matter is not something she doesn't have much knowledge about. i get so mad at her too but i still hope i can correct her

  4. I certainly hope so too. It breaks my heart that she has this mentality. The best you can do is try to educate her on the matter and hope that she sees reason. I know that must’ve been a very hard thing for you to hear, especially from your own mother. I absolutely adore my mother and I’m trying to put myself in your shoes and it sucks. Hopefully you can talk to her and make her come around. Please post an update!

  5. thank you!! i will talk to her as soon as possible, since it's kinda nighttime where i live now

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