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  1. people probably just assume that because of the wave he came out of fr and don’t even give him a chance

  2. Got a quote for one and… yeaaaaaahhhh i think she can wait a little bit 😂 one of my biggest priorities is to get that paint fixed though it bothers me

  3. Definitely wouldn’t bother me but just would be the icing on the cake yk

  4. oh yeah for sure. I’m gonna look around at the pick and pulls for a hood of the same color before I start messing with paint correction or wraps

  5. Ski verse is okay far from his best work but trippie’s boring ass flow on that whole track ruins it for me

  6. XX fans are most emotional people when you bring up the facts about him I swear. I knew the best way to argue with him was to point out a formal fallacy.

  7. And u still a goofy weirdo for going thru peoples accounts to get argument fuel

  8. yep i’m real mad as you can tell 😂 there’s no defending x anymore

  9. the Ken Block racing suit is still in the game I don’t think he cut ties

  10. How often are Zombies songs recorded with all 3 of you guys in the same studio versus it being sent out for you to record a verse on? Would you say one is more frequent than the other? Also in my humble opinion, your verse on Your Favorite Rap Song is the best rap verse of ALL TIME

  11. Use the lamberjack it gets u like 800k in the same amount of time

  12. can you post your tune for it i tried using it and it feels awful

  13. Ahhh…too bad the guy left the wing on the Evija would have been a nice picture. Good pics except for the ones in the parking lot

  14. Yeah I was kind of rushing to take these so i didn’t get left behind 😂 the effects aren’t dialed in either definitely not my best photos

  15. Hmm, maybe i should give it a shot. Gave up on AC 3/4ths thru Odyssey because it just felt tiring.

  16. “Alright…. mmmk… I wanna try it” He falling under that sugar trance i’m geeked 😂😂

  17. Her telling him triggered the curse, didn't it? I feel like it was left super vague on purpose to not create a plot hole lol

  18. Idk i’m just basing it off the cutscene from ghost of Sparta, she doesn’t say Zeus it kinda sounds like she started choking? Idk why if she did tell him we wouldn’t have been able to hear it. Plus if he already knew why would he have been surprised at the end of GoW2 when Athena told him?

  19. The scene was completely muted when she said the actual words, that's what I mean by vague lol. I think they did that exactly because Kratos acted so surprised in 2. I think it's just a plot hole tbh. That's kinda what happens when you do a prequel.

  20. There’s definitely a sound that comes from her mouth lol. But yes you could be right who knows it’s not like they’ll go back and fix the writing so as you said it doesn’t matter

  21. Is it just because i haven’t been on this sub too long or is literally everything becoming fucked at the same time

  22. Either that or it puts me at the exact moment I cocked up with absolutely no possible way to fix it

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