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  1. I always knew golfers were up to no good, and now we’ve got our proof…..bake’m away toys.

  2. It’s called a base grind people, all a part of the waxing process……….. /s.

  3. I totally agree with all the comments here and the title cause this is one poor safety wire job. That being said, this looks like a door cable and I’m pretty sure the plane isn’t falling out of the sky if a door cable comes loose. I would be checking the rest of whomever’s work this was though. Shame indeed.

  4. How many baby elephants are in a full size adult elephant?

  5. I didn’t see a turn signal before that sharp left downward spiral. Can confirm, was definitely a BMW.

  6. I guess I never really thought about it but, never would’ve thought a nudist’s condo to have carpet and microfibre couches. The hats and sneakers make sense though.

  7. The big screw under the baro knob is a plug. Remove it, underneath you will find your adjustment screw. Have fun!

  8. British Columbia, sure is a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to leak there.

  9. Looks like a truck version of the Ambiguously Gay Duo car.

  10. Part time. Work 7-4 Monday to Friday and then any free time is either education and simulation or my lunch break I scalp a few MES ticks in RTH with my very small IBKR account and then Globex (after hours) I trade ES with a prop account through Apex. Still in the evaluation period with that though but the access to the larger contracts makes the small Globex moves worth it.

  11. Cheapest part on a German car is always the owner. Source: Me (German car owner)

  12. Hahaha funny thing. I met the trailer park boys this weekend! They are hillarious.

  13. Legitimate question: Why do a lot of people still use standard deviations of anything market related?

  14. Cause it works for me, just don’t use it by itself. I’ve only used it for futures trading though. Can’t comment on anything else. What are you using? Fibs?

  15. Ah okay. I try not to use anything standard deviations, it just feels wrong to apply that idea to the market but I see a lot of people using it and they find themselves successful so many times I just wonder if the standard deviations of anything just work because people place “value” at these levels and not it in the mathematical sense.

  16. Yes, I agree. All it is, is finding value at a level. That was an excellent way to say it. The longer it stays at that level or continues to come back to that level in a trading session, the more value that level has to me.

  17. Ditch the Heep angry shit and ya got a winner

  18. Focus on the vertical lines to see the circles. Horizontal for the squares. I didn’t see it until they were outlined by someone

  19. I will second Aqualu for bodies and would also like to add

  20. Future Man! Nice. Let me know if you find the TruffleDome!

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