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  1. the fact that he didn't inherit the schizophrenia gene and the way Aunt Stella has been acting after she had her stroke

  2. i think it’s gonna be revealed that stella is curtis’ birth mother. that she and marshall had an affair and her sister forgave her, on the condition that stella left. but then with marshall gone and irene sick**, stella had to come back to help irene raise the boys, but had to keep the secret

  3. I know everyone hated it, but I thought he looked cute with the longer hair when they returned to filming.

  4. no i agree! i loved his long hair! i love long hair on guys in general, but he had that same buzzed haircut for so so long it was fun to see him with a new look

  5. this is what i came here to post! glad i checked the recents first. can’t wait to watch

  6. Yep, I hate Mike for wanting to name their son that. And I hate Susan for going along with it. People shouldn't name their children after relatives. Gross 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. it was definitely definitely unnecessary. little kids don’t think like that. he may want to be around her, but he wouldn’t specifically request she bathe him. gross

  8. can’t wait to watch it this season!! this is my favorite version of this story lol

  9. oh sorry. the plot hole there would have been why stan didn’t recognize mr. vanderhill (roger) at the country club

  10. it’s crazy how after she went to live with her grandparents she was literally never mentioned again lol. not even a throwaway line abt tom going to visit her for a weekend, NOTHING.

  11. if you’re on a website or something that sends you a confirmation/verification code, the code will pop up above your keyboard instead of you having to go into your messages to get it

  12. quick, somebody tell whoever wrote this that she’s sixty-seven now. she just had a birthday lol

  13. Necklace is ‘destroyed’ so just leave Cody and don’t pull Mac into your crap net

  14. seriously. if having a relationship with mac meant anything to cody, he wouldn’t have lied about the test results. cody put money ahead of getting to know his birth father, that’s gonna be hard to come back from. (at least it should be)

  15. nooo that means we might wind up seeing when her son passed away. i don’t think i could handle it 😭😭😭

  16. It tastes burnt and undercooked all at once!

  17. lol i was gonna say it can’t be susan’s because the top isn’t burnt!

  18. the way she said that with bedroom eyes made me feel so fucking awkward lmao

  19. Anyone else hate that the only kid at the Qs meal is Leo. They said the others were at the house.

  20. lol they left the other kids inside to fend for themselves against the turkey

  21. Same but my Mom. You know I don't want to already.

  22. this is what i was gonna say. i’m constantly telling her that if she wants me to do something, just ask me and i’ll do it. asking me if i want to is going to get a no every time

  23. Victoria Lord, Dorian Lord, Todd Manning and Blair

  24. i wonder what the weather is like wherever they are. bc lil nas is dressed like it’s winter but the boys are dressed like it’s summer lol

  25. I assume it’s in the Midwest, somewhere near Chicago. This show has a weird obsession with Chicago, almost every random person has ties with it. Like Tom’s ex-girlfriend Annabelle is from Chicago, the Applewhites are from Chicago, Katherine moved to Chicago. Fairview is gotta be nearby.

  26. thank you for the before AND after! looks awesome. how did you serve it?

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