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Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was '100% real'

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  1. So you’re admitting to having seen these pictures and did nothing about it?

  2. ????? Fox News? All of his business endeavors involve big Joe. Like since before Joe was elected they were very very close business partners. This has always been known, since Obama admin and before that too. I think you’re coming off a little biased

  3. You’re welcome to provide some evidence, no one else has found any

  4. Daily Mail UK. Search hunter Biden. Sky news Australia, search hunter Biden or just Biden. Both sites are widely credited for being objective, unbiased, outside of the US. But for your entertainment here’s a link from New York Post and BBC

  5. You need to do a little research on what’s actually considered credible bc everything you posted with the exception of bbc are widely considered biased tabloids. Daily mail is an awful source lol the bbc article says nothing about him acting at the behest of his father either, try again lmao

  6. One of my favorite aspects of the Jesus cult is that no one considered grave robbers or anything logical. They just jumped to, "Whelp, he must have come back from the dead. Let's write a book."

  7. I think that’s exactly what they thought when they showed up at the tomb on the third day to find it open, but undead Jesus interacted with people before he went back to heaven according to the story

  8. Told by people who weren't actually there to witness it. Several decades later, in fact. Totally not sus at all.

  9. Well yeah it’s total bullshit, that’s just how the story goes

  10. https://stream.org/30-good-things-president-trump-has-done-for-america/

  11. Can you link a source that’s actually credible or are propaganda sites all you visit? Wait don’t answer that, it’s pretty obvious you have no critical thinking skills

  12. A lot of conservatives don't think of Trump like this. A lot of people voted for him because he got things done, I personally don't like him as a person. Some very FAR-Right conservatives treat him as the next Jesus Christ, but most of us are not like that.

  13. So how come you’re dodging everyone asking you to explain what exactly he got done?

  14. I was washing my hands in a target bathroom when I got that distinct feeling of being watched. I turn around and see an eye looking at me through the door crack in one of the stalls. The occupant then says “what’s up sir, what’s up pistolbob” and I quickly left.

  15. Hate to be that guy but... Bruce Lee was an actor not a fighter. He's more myth than man at this point. Hell I'll go so far to say that Joe Rogan could probably beat Bruce Lee.

  16. https://giphy.com/gifs/k0hKRTq5l9HByWNP1j

  17. I mean, just take LSD or do shrooms if you want that crazy shit.

  18. The fact you believe it is not okay, tells me your an authoritarian. We have different beliefs on how society should be organized. Yours led to the deaths of millions. Yours is the foil against which my society is being tested.

  19. This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day lol

  20. It’s always funny to see the right is on average incapable of spelling beyond a fifth grade level.

  21. You are not helping. You are simply making fun of someone trying to point out corruption. Congrats, you are the average dumb voter

  22. You didn’t point out shit! You can’t even name a single bill despite making all kinds of ridiculous claims lol

  23. I tried to name would, sorry my memory isn't perfect like yours. However in the thread I bring up the PACT Act being pushed thru congress rn and break it down. It does nothing from a legal standpoint. Just a bunch of words

  24. That’s literally the bill being talked about in the original post lol where are all these other do nothing bills involving vets that dems are pushing through? You may not have a perfected memory but you have a functioning google, but that doesn’t work when you’re talking out of your ass.

  25. Can someone explain that weird statue at CERNs headquarters then? And the dances?

  26. The statue is of Lord Shiva, it’s a gift from India and depicts his dance of creation and destruction. The ritual video has long since been proven fake, and the one with all the scientists dancing was done by a professional operatic dance team for an art piece.

  27. Sent to Angola? Is that a prison or the country in Africa?

  28. It’s a pretty gnarly prison, basically a penal farm. I live about an hour away in Baton Rouge and they do an awesome rodeo every spring and fall where the prisoners are able to sell handicrafts they make. You can buy beautiful handmade solid wood furniture for next to nothing.

  29. Oh I was saying the schizo itself caused this, not a related drug for treatment

  30. No doubt a lot of examples of schizo writing are all over the place, ranging from neat and orderly to nothing more than scribbles. It’s likely op was engaging in asemic writing and trying to apply some meaning to it, I was just joking with my original comment lol

  31. The alternative crowd where I live is very few and far between, everyone is way too yee haw for my liking

  32. I’ve seen what I can only describe as diablo skulls and balrog faces, it’s awesome though lol

  33. Have you seen your own post history? Lol such self loathing is really sad.

  34. Has anyone actually ever taken an indigenous person whose had almost no contact with the outside world and then flown them first class to Vegas, had them dressed in finest clothes, given all the trappings material luxury, offered as many women of every race and type they could possibly handle, sample every kind of vice whilst given a rapid general education about the world in which we all live and then after 3 months ask them if they want to keep living this life or go back to their pre-historic way of living in the jungle. I’ve obviously exaggerated the details but I’d be seriously curious to know if humans would prefer a life that most would consider primitive and Spartan or is in human nature to want as much luxury, excitement, wealth and pleasure as possible. My hypothesis would be that we’ve been conditioned to constantly be unsatisfied with what we have and mistakenly believe we will be satisfied if we can just manage to attain that new material item, or experience, or a certain type of lifestyle. I’m wondering how many of us would actually be more happy living in the jungle with friends and family only having to worry about what we should hunt for dinner that day. Indigenous peoples must be horrified when they find out what the majority of us have done to our planet.

  35. They’ve been living the same way for a couple hundred thousand years, the caliber of society and civilization that we’ve created is relatively new comparatively. I don’t think our brains/way of thinking has evolved at nearly the same rate as our civilization and we would all be better off if we were still hunter gatherers.

  36. I guess you’ve never heard of operation paperclip, they all came to the us and joined the government and military industrial complex, their kids were the descendants of hitlers nazis

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