1. I have been a Larian customer long enough to know that they really listen to the feedback. Will they be able to please everyone? Of course not, but I think they’ll make a big effort to get it as close to what everyone wants as they can.

  2. As long as they allow for super robust modding, the modders will fix additional issues with their ruleset implementation that remain at launch.

  3. But aren't there other American foods that could be reminiscent of upstate New York beyond a basic burger?

  4. Idk... like Mashed potatoes w/ gravy, meat loaf, mac and cheese, chicken fried steak... basically anything you could get from the Golden Corral... LOL.

  5. may be thinking a bit ahead but i am quite curious to see where this all goes should we have a season 3.

  6. Truly thrilling episode! I definitely have this show in my top 5 HBO shows now. This episode was actually perfect. P.S. I never want to be in investment banking LOL

  7. PWM looks fine... if you're willing to whore yourself out to a client. FX seems unnecessarily stressful lol.

  8. Am i the only one who hates the lightening charge stuff? i just hate items that *rely* on you having other items for them to work. unless you metagame or happen to stumble on the right items the stuff is just worthless.

  9. Is the Shortbow of Accuracy considered a magic weapon? I know a good number of enemies have resistance to nonmagical weapons. There are some weapons that confer their bonuses to hit/damage due to superior craftsmanship, not from magical imbuement.

  10. Speaking of awake, whatever happened to that Project Awakening game from Cygames revealed like 3-4 years ago? Was it cancelled?

  11. Lack of sufficient modding support and tools for modders to add in 5E rules.

  12. From 2003 - 2013, Emma and Scott were THE power couple of all of Marvel.

  13. With how abundant Revivify scrolls are, and the cheap resurrection service from Withers at camp, death is pretty meaningless in this game.

  14. I think it's pretty safe to say material components will not be implemented at all. Chromatic orb is an already implemented spell that also uses material components, and currently we don't need the diamond. Coupled with no mention by Larian's part, chances are slim we'll get those.

  15. If we're just homebrewing away the basics of spellcasting systems from 5E, I'd prefer it if the removal of material components and spell focuses only applied to Sorcerers and Warlocks. This would actually make some sense in keeping with the nature of those classes, one just having innate power by bloodline or birthright, and one just granted innate powers through the pact with a patron.

  16. In the comics all of his scenes were killing gay men he'd seduced. So to be fair it was happening, it's just you only really saw the murders.

  17. Right, we only saw the aftermaths of the killing... Don't recall ever seeing him sleep with or make out with that many guys...

  18. I only recall him sleeping/making out with the one guy? Did I miss some?

  19. He also made out with the fake Boogeyman at the convention, after some HEAVY heavy flirting.

  20. Yes. Plus, shrink is more convenient to say and pronounce. Fewer syllables than "psychiatrist" or "therapist".

  21. My prediction is that the major fantasy shows releasing this year are only going to get worse in their order of release, with Sandman > House of the Dragon > LotR: Rings of Power.

  22. It's been home for about 20 years now, I have no complaints.

  23. In the comics, when he escaped, he ate burgers and fast food from people's dreams to nourish himself.

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