1. The disrespect for Pasha, Louis, and Gleb... unacceptable!! I demand they get paired with 2 eventual winners each! Post haste!!

  2. When they start making (hopefully actually good) X-Men movies, most likely yes.

  3. RoP wasn't bad overall, certainly not from the visuals and score and production standpoint. But it was mediocre in terms of acting, and terrible in terms of writing, plot, and dialogue.

  4. Reminds me of when that rando racecar driver Helio won against Mel B in Season 5.

  5. I'm sorry, I didn't even notice the headline... All I could see was Mark's rancid top knot/man bun.

  6. That's hardly unpopular. It was evident from the beginning of Season 5 that Mark was the more talented dancer and choreographer. But Derek I think is slightly a better teacher.

  7. https://media.tenor.com/ok1qMylSFHgAAAAC/good-for-her-arrested-development.gif

  8. Susie because it would usher in a never ending era of complaining on this subreddit and elsewhere

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