1. A bit unrelated but OP, can I ask what site skin you're using because it looks really cool

  2. apologies, i did not see OP's comment... i actually scrolled a few times looking for someone mentioning the skin, but all i saw were comments about reporting

  3. same i love a little meat on the bones. i like being able to squeeze someone lol

  4. HIGHLY AGREE!! He's so cute... even during his psycho moments

  5. Actually the longest piece of english literature (yes, im talking all of literature) right now is a loud house fanfic

  6. Idk if it counts, but there are a few genfics and a smutfic about the Kudos bot.

  7. I have no control over my heart and mind at this point... it's not mine anymore

  8. There are only two valid arguments against cheating. 1. It robs you of learning. 2. It's unfair to others (only applicable when the profs curve or things that affect others). Personally, I don't believe in the whole honesty argument.

  9. this is an interesting perspective regarding cheating... kinda similar to some of my own thoughts too

  10. wow, it's been a long time since I read about fanfiction and hymen breaking...

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