1. If it was that easy for them, Active Duty would have no pilots.

  2. This place sounds like my old unit, good old boys club and make excuses when shown regs

  3. I was at an AA wholly owned regional before going to an LCC.

  4. In the airbus we have a flight controls page to check them.

  5. What region did you instruct in? If you don’t mind me asking.

  6. It isn't just pay. It's a piece of it, sure. Most pilots just want to fly. Rank comes with responsibility they usually didn't sign up for. If it is a pay thing, the air force can structure WO step pays differently than the Army, and just call them something completely different than Warrant.

  7. Ask the Warrants in the Army how that’s going for them. They all bailed for the regionals years ago doing the Rotary Transition and now some of them are at major airlines.

  8. The first part at lackland was absolutely miserable, hated that base, hated life. It’s all good now tho

  9. Aircrew at Lackland was miserable, didn’t help I was 24 being treated like an 18 year old. The whole pipeline process was broken and probably still is.

  10. As someone who flies both Guard and Airlines. Atleast the airbus autopilot can be used below 10000 feet and land itself reliably.

  11. They’ll throw money at people and hope an economic downturn slows hiring.

  12. Hit it right in the head. I could’ve stayed at a certain wholly owned regional and made more money than I would be right now at my LCC, but I won’t get junior manned or have my money taken away if the economy slows down.

  13. I’ll preface this now after having typed more than I anticipated by saying I’m just one dude making statements/ observations from a smaller niche in the flying community (ISR)

  14. I can't imagine what DAF thinks is going to fix the problem. They can't shunt those jobs/responsibilities off to SNCOs, NCOs, or other officers because they themselves are already dealing with the same conditions under (usually) worse compensation and giving these tasks to airmen is both a pathetic ask and likely illegal.

  15. Although I have been guard the whole time this happens to the AGRs and Guard Bums, it’s a sweet gig until the additional duties start stacking up and the flying becomes less. Then you see your bros at drill making bank on holiday pay doing way less work, the choice is obvious.

  16. It’s a 10 year commitment that doesn’t include the training, so it’s more like 12.

  17. SERE dfac was the goat. If you were on the meal plan life was good, if not, RIP your per diem.

  18. I think a lot of the regret comes from those who went active duty and got stuck in a 10 year contract. The airlines are hiring in record numbers and those on active duty can’t jump until their done with their commitment.

  19. Pittsburgh Airport is a hidden gem. It’s a smaller one but it’s hardly ever crowded.

  20. You’re that old. Wait…I know what you’re talking about. Shit. I’m old too.

  21. Definitely not pilot. There’s a pilot shortage for a reason.

  22. I've almost always heard pilots not liking having to do non-flying (mostly command) stuff. So it's not being a pilot that's the problem, it's the trend of taking the pilots out of the cockpit

  23. It happens way before command jobs. But yes we love the flying but the Air Force has ruined the profession to the point where we just don’t want to deal with it anymore.

  24. I’m KC-135 in the guard, so I’ll give you my experience.

  25. I appreciate your response. Is that "2-3" consecutive or just total time? How often did you live back at home vs training. Also did you come from active duty? If not what did you do to make you competitive. I know the age old "make yourself known in the unit". I am torn between finding a job in the engineering field and the behemoth that is flight training.

  26. 2-3 total time. OTS finished December of 19’ and I went to Vance for UPT in April 2020, graduated May 2021. Kc-135 PIQ started June 21’ and finished January 22’. Could’ve been sooner but this was during Covid and everything was a mess.

  27. Jackpot if you live in base. I’m assuming it’s so quick because nobody wants it without some decent seniority.

  28. Ah yes nothing like waking up at the ass crack of morning and forming up in the parking lot to take accountability followed by running on that track in 90 degree humid heat and then racing to the DFAC to eat breakfast so you have enough time to shower and March to class.

  29. Now that Afghanistan has finally winded down, there isn’t much flying anymore. There is still stuff out there, but it will vary greatly by aircraft assignment.

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