1. Lmao go listen to farmhouse or something. And stop being mean to entire groups of people who have a shared love for music. Lame

  2. I feel like if you really, really hate Phish you must've missed The Lizards--or you have a very different sense of humor.

  3. I mean as a huge fan of Phish and Lizards I’d say that might be their most hacky-sack sounding song lol

  4. I guess it depends entirely on what you think of as a hacky sack song? Bouncing Around the Room is more in that place for me. Or like anything Mike Gordon heavy. His entire collab w/ Leo Kottke. Idk. I never hacked any sacks or went to a Phish concert.

  5. Amy, Mia. Boom. Done. Or Amelia 1 and Amelia 2. Amelia Jen's Kid and Amelia Ally's Kid. My sib and aunt had the same name. We called them Name Senior and Name Junior.

  6. The king Leopold one is one of my favorites! I can never think of rubber the same way ever again

  7. My favorite ones are of course the True Allegiance series (take a bullet for you, babe), but the recent Columbus one is...oof...

  8. I know you now love your husband. But if a friend told me what you’ve written out here I would be offering her a place to stay for as long as she needed. This is horrific, and honestly I think what your husband did is worst. He lied to you. He wanted you because you were a pretty 18 year old.

  9. yep yep yep. Depo provera if that works for you, seriously. Can't be sabotaged.

  10. I think that's what they mean. I read it like 'there you go' = you are saying this because you are trapped and have been forced into this.

  11. OH. No, there's no point telling the cops. I don't think he's broken any laws, plus, cops are notoriously bad at this kinda thing, even if he had. If he's running his own class there's not a lot you can do here except let other people in the biz know he treated you badly. But if he's part of a bigger company or group, you can report to them.

  12. Yeesh. Not a Planet Fitness, I see. Actively driving customers away through cruelty is so gross! Any decent manager would want to know. This sucks so much. NTA.

  13. NTA. Women are never the asshole for keeping their names. Ever. Men are always the asshole for making that demand. The end.

  14. I'm wondering if OP has gotten the information about her diet from her doctor or just from her mom.... Like, her mom is so weirdly controlling that I wonder if mom's making shit up to make sure her daughter is thin. I mean, obviously OP should listen to her doctor but if it's only her mom's word, maybe she should see her doctor. Her mom is just so out of pocket about this.... It's weird.

  15. Maybe. Worth talking directly to the doctor, but limiting sugar intake is a good part of treatment for a number of health issues. (I don't mean it's eeeeeeeeevil and cutting it out is magical, lol, but it absolutely can affect people.)

  16. I feel Adam set up that rule because he knew this was going to happen.

  17. I mean I guess? I think it's incredibly weird to set up your MIL with the stipulation that she has to live alone forever. What if she finds a new partner or the Frankie to her Grace or something?

  18. You are going to get plenty of N T A responses from the eye for an eye crowd, but the correct judgment is ESH.

  19. Yeah. There are a LOT of stories where it's like, sure, you were provoked, but is this the person you want to be? Is this the world you want to make? It's okay to deescalate! Or at least NOT escalate!

  20. Oh. Oh no. This isn't couples therapy time. This is get you and your kids out of the house time. Breaking things and terrorizing the spouse and kids is abusive. Couples therapy does NOT work for abusive spouses; it gives them another avenue to abuse. You did nothing wrong. If your therapist tells you to seek individual counseling instead it's because they've spotted the problem, but be warned, they often don't. You need to get out. If not for yourself, then for your kids.

  21. A gentle YTA. Gentle because it sounds like you are in a controlling relationship that will not end well.

  22. Yeah, for real. There are times when cops make situations worse--many times--but this seems to me bordering on the "rabies condition", which is to say, no matter how bad the repercussions are from calling the cops (or getting the rabies vaccine), you had to do it, because at this point it seems like he's going to die without major outside intervention. There are clear medical indications he's being abused and APS will be interested. Not every abuse situation calls for the same reaction!

  23. You don’t fix a screw up like that. Just give your brother the ring…

  24. But she stated that she had a camera that recorded the drop at OPs door. Surely it doesn't take 2 weeks to go through the footage?

  25. Yeah uh WHY does she have a camera that's just...recording OP's door?

  26. Yeah humans are actually amazing at improving ecosystems if we have a collective ethos that calls for it. Lately the more powerful groups haven't been doing that, but historically, very notably on the American continents, many indigenous groups did a lot of work to make areas better for various animals including themselves.

  27. wash in cold water with stain remover spray to make sure the stains are gone, then hang dry and check if they smell.

  28. You broke up with her because she is a person who has sex or you broke up with her because she was getting with other people while you two were together?

  29. Corundum is the gems we call sapphires and rubies. A white sapphire (or any color) shaped like tooth , faceted or not, would be cool and serve the purpose. Diamonds are very hard but very brittle and snapping of a piece of the diamond would be likely. The tricky part would be "fixing" it into place.

  30. That sounds like a bad idea. Teeth touch other teeth, so a corundum tooth grinding or tapping on your regular teeth, which are at a lower hardness rating, would probably wear at them.

  31. A lot of people don't care about that stuff at all, or don't know where to find those people, or even actively prefer songs the way they already are and don't want them changed.

  32. I know this isn't what you asked, but check if your dry shampoo is on this list, because benzene is bad stuff.

  33. Yeah today is safe but given the state of journalism and social media it feels like crime is at all time high

  34. She might have that. She refuses to go to a doctor, and has all along since she first got sick. She doesn't work, and I probably brought home the virus from my job.

  35. Well, FYI on the CFS thing, just like any chronic illness there are good days and bad days--and good HOURS and bad hours. It sounds like she's being a huge jerk though, I don't mean to diminish that; if she's sick that doesn't mean she can't be nice to her wife!! I'm sorry.

  36. Right, and when you're recovering from (or just chronically stuck with) illness, you might not drive because you don't feel safe to! I still think she's being a jerk IF she can bop around the house okay but refuses to get her wife a blanket, for sure, but I also think abled people tend not to have a solid understanding of what chronic illness, which might in this case be ME/CFS type stuff, entails. So I guess I want more INFO from both of them.

  37. I'm gonna say NAH, you both were in a crappy situation. It sucks being sick and it sucks when the light's on and you need to sleep.

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