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  1. Soft toilet paper. Using it for years . Just be careful close to the edges so pieces of it don't "sneak" inside the edges of the screen

  2. I tried paddle and it was quite confusing to integrate licensing system. I ended up using

  3. It sounds like a perfect fit for my product -

  4. Yeah, it is on the TODO list. I'm attempting to unify wasm FFmpeg and WebCodecs

  5. So will it work in case where I create VideoFrame out of Canvas and I'd like to encode it? Critical part here is to never read frame data into JavaScript thread as it seems to be a huge bottleneck to read pixels from GPU into JS memory

  6. It is often called Thunk

  7. It seems your configuration is not valid. Before calling .configure, call .isConfigSupported with config you want to use. If it is not supported, your encoder will remain in closed state. For MP4 - encoding is not supported, but decoding is. It is probably due to MP4 license which doesnt allow encoding for free

  8. I loved your comment. How would you avoid using brute force if you need to leave soon and your kid absolutely freaks out every time you even mention taking off his pijama?

  9. A concept we have in our house is “too much birthday” when the kids are overwhelmed and melting down from a day of too much fun. It’s a helpful mantra for me because I too can get surges of testosterone or whatever it is that causes my hair to stand up on end in those situations. Saying out loud “uh oh! Too much birthday!” out loud to my wife and those around tends to break the tension and make it feel lighter somehow. Makes it easier to talk to the kid that is flipping too (“did you have too much birthday today? Was it too fun?”)

  10. Very interesting tip! I'm a bit worried it can spoil the fun, but I kinda love it

  11. I feel like I'm not fully present with my family and kid. I'm tired

  12. Funnily, that's actually exactly what my wife asked me and suggested me to do. I'll possibly visit my friend in UK for 2-3 days

  13. Don't expect objective vote results from asking this question on react native group. Ask the same on Flutter reddit

  14. I used it and didn't like it. It felt like early beta. Everything was good until I needed something more specific. eg. I wanted to re-use SQL function in permissions that were very similar. Boom real time stopped working. Or I had to run some arbitral SQL code from GitHub on production db to fix some issues, and there was no announcement about it in the dashboard. It is not possible to add complex unique constraints, or if I remember correctly any unique constraints.

  15. there is also no transactions support.

  16. I am a little surprised anyone would still consider twitter a growth platform right now.

  17. Well I generated 0-350 sales on Twitter in less than a month, generating close to million impressions for free

  18. Having something interesting to share is the only and ultimate growth hack. Then only do it frequently

  19. >I'm debugging it for a few days now, found other issues, eg. ffmpeg was crashing when video width was odd number.

  20. How can I ensure desired min height when using mod? Eg. input is 1823x1080, and I want to keep height , but modify width? Also will such scaling distort the image or hit performance ? If so, can I crop it the same way by 1 pixel instead using mod?

  21. I don't think it is possible. I write code for 15 years

  22. I have this tennis rocket electric mosquito killer and I think it'd be fucking fun

  23. It gets better, but not yet

  24. It was an amazing journey. You can check it out at Acapela.com

  25. Product looks really interesting. Mind sharing what were the shortcomings?

  26. We did not manage to make it sustainable

  27. So what is it actually doing?

  28. This does seem like something that would work for ProductHunt crowd. More than once when making an app I went with making a video of the screen and having to... well, do like half of the things you presented here.

  29. Interesting point on Mac and monetization. Can you elaborate?

  30. Around 2-3 months so far

  31. It sounds simple, but when I realized it - it helped me a lot. I'll try to share it.

  32. It's not cool you copied the text I once wrote 1:1

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