[OC] My brother, a huge fan of the games, asked me to paint his dresser for him

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  1. This could be a really good idea. Women could feel safe meeting strangers and going on virtual dates. You wouldn't have to risk meeting up with a guy that turns out to be a violent incel or anything like that. Is this anime themed? If so then I don't think this is going to be successful. I really don't think single women would choose an anime themed dating app over a regular one. Even regular anime groups and fanbase have a serious issue with regulating the fucking creepers.

  2. This game can be emulated and played just fine as far as I know. Are you at the part where you have to trap the soldiers? You don't have to trap them but it's an option. I do remember having issues with this part of the game, I don't remember what I did but I was able to get past it.

  3. I use the imp heads throught my entire playthrough untill the very end.

  4. You should paint arcade cabinets. Find your local raspberry pi enthusiasts and I bet they would hire you. That's the only part of the process I can't do. I can program it and build the cabinet no problem but if I paint it with anything other than a stencil it looks like shit. My Solid snake looks like 80s Sylvester Stallone got left in a hot car

  5. Was this added in the new update? Because last time I played the game a year ago this did not work. They told me about it later and I remember it but it wouldnt work untill the dogs were dead

  6. It's like 65,000 feet in the air. There are no guns that can shoot that down from the ground. But I imagine there's a few rednecks with Anti air cannons in montana

  7. Wait, you (V) and Jackie take this job from him to steal a prototype and while you are doing the job the god dam emperor of basically the world comes up murdered. He didn't fuck us, we fucked him. Or at least it looks that way. I wouldn't believe V either. That's like sending someone to pick up your weed and he kills half the police force in a T shirt with your company logo on it.

  8. I hate the endings. Half of them are the exact same thing with a single word changed and the color of the clouds/tree is different. For half of the games endings fromsoft mass effected us. What does "the age of fracture" even mean? The frenzy flame ending is the best because at least it's a real ending. It's more than just " hey your elden lord now, and it's the age of [insert ending name]"

  9. There were literally three Spidermans in the last movie, you can make this work

  10. Smurfs have a strict belief in non violence. Papa Smurf will not allow you to bear arms.

  11. Interesting Cuz I have recently noticed, and this os on praise of the game

  12. It's always cool when you run into your cars out living their lives. Like seeing your teacher outside of school

  13. I got suspended for drawing dicks on the pictures in my math textbook in the fifth grade. Was supposed to be devil tails but this ancient ass teacher called my grandma and told her I was "defacing school property with erections"

  14. Only one of those bubble guys gave me a hard time but he was like the worst enemy in the game for me. Nothing powerful I had could reach him and his bubble waves one shotted me

  15. 8802 says:

    Headline is a bullshit lie. It's from Azn and Farmyrucks show based in Oklahoma, there's a V8 under the hood driven.

  16. And here I believed it was powered by Bluetooth

  17. Yeah I use them. They frequently come broke but when they work they are effective.

  18. Adult content is different than childish adults getting weird about said content. When the anime came out it was pretty bad, now it's back to panams ass and dick glitches

  19. Yeah I didn't like the whole venom switch. He just isn't as good of a character as big boss, I don't feel as cool playing as him.

  20. What does this item do, the bug head item? I forget the name and Google isn't helping

  21. I know people that got caught with drugs that have done more time

  22. The first time is usually better than the subsequent times. Also its definitely cut (you won't find pure coke) and might not be mixed well so one line could be much stronger than another. This is why fentanyl is so dangerous, when it's not mixed well you get hotspots that can be lethal while the rest of the powder is on the weak side.

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