1. Noooo not thick arthur and ricardo anything but that i don't wanna fail

  2. How does Kieran have any money to donate if he isn't allowed to leave the camp?

  3. He is allowed to leave the camp but he Rarly leaves Because he is scared the O'driscolls will kill him

  4. Arthur be like: you know what micah i raise your donation! donates 99 Gold bars

  5. 🥵 Yeah i am Straight but this man is Making me question my sexuallity

  6. Anybody seen D-Dog? He Ran After a Newborn puppy boss won't be Too happy if he pisses all over his private quarters again

  7. Buell is the goat i had him on my firstplaythrogh and i felt like i betrayed hamish nowadays i always get buell but as john

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