Picked this sweet girl up at the shelter just yesterday - meet Luna!

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  1. Thank you, this sounds like something good to try. I completely forgot about putting dogs in time out. A family dog we had growing up was put in time out as a training method and the time out spot my parents picked was the bathtub, which they regretted deeply because it made bath time really confusing and stressful for the dog. So uh, I know not to make the bathtub the time out spot.

  2. This was my suggestion too, and I want to stress the importance of doing it every single time, without exception. We have slip leads that we keep in each of our hang-our rooms, so when our dog (a cattle dog mix) starts getting nippy, we can lasso him without reaching for his collar and put him in time out/play "sit on the dog". It really helps that we're not leaning down and reaching for his face everytime. BUT if your dog doesnt use a slip lead, you've gotta train them to love the slip lead first so they dont shy away from it and always associate it with going to time out

  3. We recovered a month or two ago, but morning sore throats lasted for a long time after everything else subsided (and work ordered me to come back). I felt fine otherwise, but even today I still wake up with a sore throat sometimes. Maybe things were always this way? Maybe It coincided with allergies? Maybe I stopped vacuuming as much while I was sick and its just dusty air?

  4. Wow, gorgeous morning. Glad you got out to enjoy it, and I appreciate you sharing some pics with us here

  5. I didn't realise tapir could be so large! I'm convinced there's no way he is going to be able to eat all of that but he is clearly a very successful hunter

  6. I was going to say the roof looks great! and was all impressed. And then I realised I was in

  7. What are some of the physical items or creatures or vibes you think of when you think of each series? Independent of each other. Think on that for a bit, and then mix a few from those 2 lists together. I bet we'd be happy to brainstorm with you! Some of us might even be game to sketch stuff up, maybe. Lets start with a couple lists or ideas to work with, I dig the general idea

  8. She's so cute and little! Ours is ~25lbs too and we think its a wonderful, snuggleable size

  9. My heart breaks for your family with this but I'm glad you're talking about it. I try to mention to everyone I can in these situations to see if anyone in your area offers at-home euthanasia services, if that would be more comfortable for you and everyone involved. I know people at the vet love our pets too, and are comforting to the last moment and beyond, but for some people It's a good option to do it at home or in the yard etc

  10. Come join our support- I mean, fan club

  11. As a east coaster, its always novel to see clay tile roofs like that. Thanks for sharing

  12. I am always baffled when I show up for one of the election periods and the place is SWAMPED and then I realise it's because its a "real" election, not "just the primaries or local elections"

  13. Check out the "Pomodoro technique" and build your timing around that

  14. Yes spotted lantern fly, kill any you see. You will probably see a lot.

  15. Done. Reported to PA DOA site with picture and location. Thanks.

  16. He is a handsome boy. Looks like he'll be a real sweetheart.

  17. I recently started listening to The Dresden Files book series audiobooks and he is the Narrator… I just found out he isn’t British …

  18. I'm listening to #9 right now, and totally agree.

  19. East coast hiking with dogs is tricky — swamp cooler vests aren’t as useful because it’s too humid to evaporate the water.

  20. I agree with this- expect your pace to be slow and to take frequent stops. Dogs can't keep themselves cool like we can, and heat exhaustion can literally kill. Plan ahead to know ways off the trail and to safety in case you need to call a ride to get them to a vet or to stop. If its too hot/sunny for you to be comfortable on certain days, then its way too hot for them and its time to rest instead.

  21. This is ~my 7th job. I tend to stay in a position for 3 years before getting the itch to move on. I've been here for 5 years now.

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