1. It seems no one uses a butane burner for this job - bought one for creme brulee and 7 dork discs

  2. We already know from a challenge study that some people dont get the infection even when its injected up their nose.

  3. Always keep this in mind when you think someone might sue you, or threatens to do so. To win they have to have, and prove, actual damages. What are the damages here? Zero. The only thing, at a massive stretch, is some sort of tort to prevent adverse possession, but since that usually requires abandonment I can't reach that far.

  4. If it was a wall of a building - its absolutely a problem, a dividing fence - not so much. My builder says you always get a survey if building to the boundary, then he comes in 50mm to be sure - keeps the footings inside the boundary, and he never wants to be going to court after a building is constructed

  5. LOL - neighbour is an idiot - 80mm error is as common as muck. Neighbour has probably read on the internet somewhere that once fenced for a certain time the land is yours and he has big plans for that 80mm wide strip....

  6. Yes, along with no parking or public transport

  7. yeah, no public transport in the Newcastle CBD..... maybe you only go after 1am....

  8. 60koh to 40kph will make a 30 second difference to your travel time per kilometre............ hardly an issue when there is traffic already keeping you well under the speed limit most of the day.

  9. i think you'll find it reduces traffic light throughput, so it will make more difference than that. It makes no sense on the heavy light controlled section of dual lanes - its a wash in the single lane section due to pedestrian crossings etc.

  10. possibly not by other doctors - there was a lot of dangerous stuff happening in northern NSW and Young was refusing requests for urgent medical transfers involving across border travel. She was a control freak over the process and wouldnt delegate - not a good sign of leadership

  11. TIL Omicron existed pre-May 2021 when vaccines were 'sold' to us.

  12. at the same time, its also disingenuous for people to claim that people have to be vaccinated/boosted to protect others.

  13. Wow.. Did you stretch before that massive reach?

  14. This is pure liberal media with a misleading anti labor title. I read the article, albo says greens should support Labor climate policies… not that explosive

  15. the greens well and truly screwed us all in 2009 - people shouldnt rewrite history

  16. If you're going to open your mouth, fill your brain with some actual historical facts first. You are literally trying to rewrite history.

  17. The difference this year (apart from being an election year) is that (almost) everyone has done their part and gotten the vaccine, we all get the jab, and there would be less restrictions.

  18. Do you mean cases or hospitalisations? In terms of hospitalisations Queensland will pass its highest shortly, Vic are on track to pass it in a couple of weeks on current growth and NSW will give its January top a shake. Meanwhile for the first time ever today Tassie topped 100 hospitalisations for the pandemic.

  19. Does anyone know what the difference better ba4 and ba5 are?? And if you had let’s say 4, does that mean you can or can’t get 5??? It’s so confusing.

  20. yes - there is ostensibly no difference for an individual byt BA.5 spreads slightly easier than BA.4 (difference is slight)

  21. Thanks for the explanation! I’m asking bc I got covid for the first time at the end of last month and I’m confused about strains and immunity.

  22. Clinically significant? Or just significant enough to be able to measure changes.

  23. the latter. When a significant difference is 10 or 20 fold, 1.75x is more or less nothing.

  24. relative safety is an important concept over and above absolute safety.

  25. If people started getting booked compliance would be close to 100% in no time.

  26. you need a LOT of enforcement to change a majority behaviour - it took many years of highway patrols and hidden cameras to eventually change peoples behaviour towards the speed limit.

  27. "Freedoms of the immunocomprised and elderly"?? This article doesn't understand what the definition of 'freedom' is.

  28. lol on the vegan comparo - i have legit had a vegan not want us to have a BBQ because the smell.....

  29. "It's been a very stressful time, isolating to the point of nearly going crazy,

  30. noticed this on sunday with the weather - so many closed businesses and not many people - i dont know what the answer is and sure hope that way more people living in there will improve the vibe a whole lot - even in honeysuckle, there must have been 5 restaurants that have closed in the last 6 months.

  31. You're not allowed to speed to overtake, but there's a social pressure to do 130 or more so more cars can get around. Maybe you should lobby to allow people to go above the speed limit when overtaking if they come back down once passed.

  32. I've passed so many highway patrol in this circumstance of at least 20 over thats its clear they take a real world view

  33. I had one who moved into the right lane and then proceeded to not overtake anyone. Just blocked the lane for the entire overtaking section.

  34. I agree, I think some people are incorrectly labelling themselves as immunocompromised added together with people in general having a different idea of what it means (i.e. they picture a recovering cancer patient or someone gravily ill) and suddenly we end up with heaps of immunocompromised people.

  35. isnt this the truth. A good proprtion of autoimmune diseases have treatments that were investigated (and sometimes used ) to actually treat covid.

  36. always understood the average vocabulary to be around that number - that would be the number of words understood but not used in everyday parlance.

  37. I wish they would have included hybrid immunity in this study, but it’s still good to see that prior infection protection against severe disease doesn’t appear to wane.

  38. https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2203965?query=featured_home

  39. Not necessarily true at all. Look at the stats on high school football players that make the All State team anywhere. They'll be a few giants in the mix

  40. i think the context is taking testosterone boosting drugs - it really does fuck your heart up - it cannot be good at that age at all. You dont get that big at any age without external chemical help

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