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  1. Noel Fielding. When I saw him on Taskmaster dressed in his pointy little witch boots playing soccer with an unreasonable amount of skill it made me feel things.

  2. Came here to say Noel Fielding. I feel he would be very open minded and take things at a surprisingly leisurely pace.

  3. During the heyday of The Mighty Boosh he was, as Jonathon Ross put it, "One of the most notorious cocksmen in the business."

  4. Thank you for this, I have unlocked a new fantasy!

  5. The Earth palette colour story reminds me of ABH Subculture. I guess if you missed out on Subculture/and don’t want to support ABH it could dupe the vibes? In the same vein, the Water palette looks like JSC Blue Blood.

  6. I second votes for Hugh & Deborah as well as SMG & Freddie.

  7. Love the imagery of the Nancy palette, and The Craft is one of my favourite movies! But last time I ordered from Unearthly it cost like $90 to ship to Australia so it’s a pass from me.

  8. Ohhhhh that just put a pin in my desire to purchase as a fellow Aussie. I was really excited to grab one but that shipping is insanity.

  9. The shipping is literally more than the palette, and still takes a month at least to get to Sydney from the US. Really not worth it IMO, considering Nomad Cosmetics and Melt only charge like $15.

  10. I’m about to turn 36, last time I had sex was August 2019. Sigh.

  11. Christina Hendricks is absolutely stunning in real life. She came to the restaurant I worked at last year while I was hostessing and she was so sweet and friendly.

  12. Can confirm, I met her ten years ago. She is so stunning in person. She was also really kind, sweet and just gave off this energy of being open and friendly.

  13. I am giving some mad side eye to those blush and highlighter palettes, but I know I never use blush palettes any more. The single blush and highlighter though..? Those will be coming home with me.

  14. Hourglass holiday face palettes. Initially (when I saw the packaging) I was intrigued. I really liked the Elephant one. However... I don't know who put those palettes together (meaning the selection of powders), but I don't find either of the 2 that are suitable for my skin tone worthwhile. The Elephant one has 2 very similar blushes (shades I already own 10x over), bronzer that would be too dark for me and a golden highlighter that would also be waaay too dark for me (I have a light olive neutral skintone btw). The Butterfly palette is however the most baffling... very dark blushes, no bronzer and 4 extremely similar pale, chalky powders/highlighters.

  15. I am so torn about the Hourglass holiday release too. I will be buying Tiger as a gift for a colleague who resigned, but that is about it. The shade selections don’t make sense to me, particularly for Butterfly. I miss the old layout which would have one large pan of ambient lighting powder down the left hand side, two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. It would make so much more sense to consistently use the same layout and create three versions for light, medium tan and deep skin tones. I also think they missed the opportunity with Tiger to create a bronzer for deeper skin.

  16. Now I'm imagining modern day Jenna Maroney forcing a panicked Kenneth to submit increasingly outrageous blinds about her to DM 😭

  17. I think something I’ve heard from a lot of BGs is that the team is really lovely to work with. I imagine that it must be a least a little difficult to just cut ties with a great team because the upper management is shit. IMO, not a reason that I would continue working with a brand, but I can imagine that a lot of creators feel this way. I work in the beauty industry though, and honestly I’d leave if I found out the ceo of my company supported trump, so I’m not saying I’m okay with Angie partnering with them, but I do think I see why this is happening with so many creators.

  18. Yeah I straight up unsubscribed from Brit Clarke when I realised she voted for Trump. That and her husband’s blatantly racist FB posts. There are so many brands you could choose to deal with. I could understand reviewing product received in PR for views, but deliberately spending money or signing contracts with brands who show very little to no change is not a smart move.

  19. Yep, apparently when people have confronted her about the Trump voting & her husband's racist FB posts on social media, she just responds that she 'doesn't want to get involved in drama'. It is not drama though, your husband is clearly racist and it seems like you are okay with that ...?

  20. This is definitely conflicting. There is another thread on this sub asking what contract Angelica Nyqvist was talking about regretting in a recent vlog. A lot of speculation it was Ofra.

  21. I have issues with watery, sensitive eyes and Glamlite Eye-Cing has become a firm favourite and never caused me any irritation.

  22. Oh I have heard of Glamlite, I will give that a go. Basically I'll do anything to stop having swelling eyes.

  23. An oral antihistamine like Telfast might help reduce the itching and swelling while your skin heals. Lanolips Golden Dry/any lanolin ointment on your eyelids at night should also help.

  24. I read the ingredients lists of a few products when Mecca first started stocking it. It’s just meh. A bit pricey, average ingredients and full of fragrance.

  25. Diana. I was in primary school. I came home from school one day, turned on my parent's tiny CRT Philips television and there it was. The mangled car, flashing lights and the low, somber voices. The People's Princess had been killed in a car crash in Paris.

  26. I switched from the combined pill to the Mirena (IUD) a few months ago.

  27. My understanding is mirena is covered 100% under the ACA. Was yours expensive because of the anesthesia? At least my last two have been.

  28. I live in Australia and paid to have the procedure performed at a private women’s health clinic. The device itself was very affordable, it’s the insertion that cost me around $300 Australian dollars.

  29. For an affordable dupe, I am here to add my vote for Designer Brands Hydrating Luminous foundation.

  30. Every time I get dressed for work in the morning … Top front? Good lord Lemon, that’s you’re worst quadrant!

  31. It’s half and half. I am the oldest of a large family - all girls. I took a serious interest in skin care (and daily SPF) from my mid-20’s onwards. A decade later, my skin is the best it’s ever been and I have just one, very small and shallow line in my forehead. Some of my younger siblings who haven’t made skin care a priority are already contemplating Botox for their deep forehead lines, even though they are only in their late 20’s or early 30’s. I think the biggest factor is sun exposure. I worked a lot of jobs that were either night shifts or pre-dawn morning shifts. I rarely saw any sun (to the point of becoming vitamin d deficient and needing to take a supplement). I also wore sunscreen every day and lived in a less brutally hot state than my siblings. My sister who works outside in a brutally hot environment has aged very quickly compared to me, and now has much more significant signs of ageing than I do.

  32. This gives me Makeup Revolution vibes for some reason.

  33. Viseart Violet Etendu palette is a more trie cool toned purple palette. Wait for a sale at Beauty Bay though, it’s a little pricey.

  34. I just like different things now. Since I’m happy with my collection, I mostly watch stuff like ranking videos, roasting new releases and commentary. I love Theresa is Dead, Better off Red and Angels on Broomsticks. I also love Charlotte Holdcroft and still laugh at Robert Welsh and watch most of his stuff (especially his ghost stories!). I watch Hannah/Smokey Glow a lot as her commentary videos are so binge-able. I also enjoy Alicia Archer, especially her in depth palette videos. I love that she will do longer form content on older palettes in a way that helps inspire you to go to your own collection and use what you have.

  35. I felt like this today. Work was long, shitty and stressful. Again. I ended up chatting to an old friend on the phone, doing some laundry and watching a movie. It’s the small things for me. Keep doing small things just for you. Maybe it’s a short walk. Or a puzzle you have going on a bench or table. Or you buy yourself flowers and arrange them in a vase. Maybe you go to a movie at the last minute. Or you call a friend. Maybe you just set aside some time to listen to an audio book or podcast. No cleaning or cooking or other chores. Just you and a wonderful story.

  36. Sounds very promising - thank you for replying! I’ve never heard of this brand. You must be thrilled with your new routine working so well. I had converted to a silk pillowcase but it hadn’t occurred to me that silk scrunchies may be helpful.

  37. I honestly never thought I could get my hair to this point, which is why I wanted to share my experiences. The silk scrunchies definitely help reduce hair breakage. I would absolutely recommend them, especially if you can get them on sale.

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