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  1. Not really, the performance between those two is nearly the same

  2. Yeah, because normal milk in the US tastes like shit xD Same with choclate ;)

  3. Nobody cares, shake your booty 😂

  4. 1 out of 4 4090s was wrapped in my case 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Either you are playing only in 60fps or I doubt your coil whine statement 😉 Also please check your temps, it shouldn‘t go over the 60s in the Cyberpunk Ultra RT Benchmark, otherwise it is broken, like mine was 😔

  6. Only DDs care…Tanks and Healers always go whereever they want 😉

  7. The downvotes by the frustrated DDs are funny. But let‘s face reality, if something like this happens as a Tank or Healer, I‘ll just leave and regroup. Same as DD, whoever lost his key, no harm done…

  8. Agreed, I'm waiting for 38" or 2nd Gen 34" ultrawides before upgrading my monitor.

  9. I had a 34‘‘ uw and the 16:9 42‘‘ is way better!!! And if needed you can still activate 21:9 and have a 34‘‘ equivalent screen size.

  10. I really got into Dead Cells. Similar to Hades in that you start different runs and the weapons/maps are different each time and you unlock things to become more powerful.

  11. I had both the Phantom GS (two times) and one GameRock OC.

  12. So it is not true that they are the same thing because of the producer is the same.

  13. Forget what I wrote previously...my Palit seems to be broken and needs to be replaced.

  14. I got a Gigabyte Gaming OC and I would say that the coil whine is pretty minimal. I've only ever gotten coil whine after 7 hours of 4k on RDR2.

  15. This not how coil whine works…it is either there at a particular loud, or not.

  16. I had two and both had coil buzzing starting at 90fps…not too annoying, but not acceptable for 2000 bucks

  17. What about if you start a DRIVER CARRER with WILLIAMS? What difficulty would be used then?

  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/F1Game/comments/xecstm/f1_2022_difficulty_helper_v110_new_method/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  19. For me it‘s Nvidia, because you can use:

  20. I thought that the Voltage and not the Wattage is the limit for OC…

  21. This time around the FE Cards are significantly smaller, as the are sized for a 450W TDP, which results in nearly the same desing as the 3090 Ti. The AIB are designs are way bigger as they are all sized for a 600W TDP.

  22. Most important thing, check the space in your case. Nothing is so frustrating when realising that your fresh new shiny card doesn‘t fit in 🙈

  23. The game doesn’t have to be entertaining forever, few games are. Come revisit after some updates.

  24. You are right, but a service game of this size and budget should just be better…at least I expected way more service :(

  25. For Quali I use the value from the sheet

  26. You complain about custom races…try online… You can spent 100h hours online racing and will not even be able to buy a civic…

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