1. I'd have a little more respect for the disclaimer of they didn't misspell censor...

  2. Depends where you are, but some absolutely do. Jimmy’s sport shop in my area charges 20 per box and millenium right next door charges 25 for up to a case.

  3. If you don't push back on having too much work on your plate nothing will change. "When everything's a priority, nothing is." Part of it is just stating what you're working on directly and making it a choice.

  4. There will ALWAYS be more work.

  5. NY is the ‘same’. I brought my phone and a Sena, but even then she was like “this is simple. Take a left, then a right, then a right, then a U turn, then a left, then a left, then we’re back. If you get confused check your mirrors for the chase car, it’ll use turn signals to indicate.”

  6. Have you seen the NRA coursework? It’s pretty comprehensive. They may be bumbling idiots on the political stage but their curriculum is honed by decades of experience.

  7. Wait, wasn't shipping ammo to NY outlawed under the SAFE act? I didn't realize this was a constitution right we still had the privilege to enjoy here in NY.

  8. The SAFE act ammo shipping ban was provisioned pending a state database which was never made so the law never went into effect.

  9. Thanks for the update/correction

  10. I’ve recovered my bike of similar weight from a similar position. Panic had at least something to do with it, gym routine aside.

  11. A) if your average Joe has easy access to guns, so does the criminal, so it goes two ways and don't pretend it dosent.

  12. A) this isn’t true at all. It’s quite possible to live in a world where criminals have access to firearms and civilians do not. Many European countries are like this.

  13. You know what, fuck it. Nice job "your self defence" protecting against this aye:

  14. What are you trying to say? Are all gun owners just waiting to be mass shooters? Are you accusing me of being a potential mass shooter?

  15. Just buy some sliders so you can drop it with confidence.

  16. You can have a sawed off double barrel with no stock with a 2” or 15” barrel. It’s an AOW either way. It’s an SBR or SBS when there’s a stock on it.

  17. The AOW has a pistol brace, a fore grip, and a barrel too short to be a firearm, right?

  18. This post does more harm to our argument than it does good. The 45k deaths by firearms is what’s going to be pointed out. You can’t compare that to 600,000 deaths of people who are mostly because of someone making a personal choice. The argument will be made that Alcohol and tobacco deaths are self inflicted

  19. Huh, personal choices? You know 2,000 kids die annually to drunk drivers?

  20. That's the most honest comment with regards to this conversation, now we know where he stands, I wish more people were this honest. Now we can ask the question no one wants to ask, how many lives of the innocent is your freedom worth?

  21. IDK man but I think if I lost a friend in a car accident my first response would probably be "OUTLAW ALL CARS" or something

  22. I mean, this analogy is on its face terrible. We take steps to mitigate the risks posed by cars all the time. You have to take a test to prove you know what you’re doing and will be less of a risk, you need to have a license to operate your car, you need to register your car with the state.

  23. You think we don't take steps to mitigate the risks associated with firearms?

  24. How is it 2022 and people still don't know that the solution for speed wobbles is throttle and rear brake?

  25. Throttle and rear brake at the same time. I see no problems with this

  26. Jesus, define lived. Are you sure about that? If he lived, are you sure he isn’t on life support? That is completely fucked.

  27. NYPD pistol license division has in the past taken the position that the gun with a magazine inserted is loaded, even if there is no ammunition present.

  28. When? I brought my empty pistol in with magazine inserted for inspection

  29. When I had a NYC permit, early 2000s. Observed the riot act read to someone about that point when the magazine was in the gun for inspection. The inspecting officer was threatening to revoke the permit.

  30. Depends on who you get. Had one of the guards try to ream me for using a trigger guard instead of a cable lock through the chamber (my case is set up such that I can’t put the pistol in with the chamber open).

  31. Shockwave is explicitly illegal now in NY.

  32. Federal law does not supersede state law. If it did there’s be no AWBs in the US rn.

  33. Alright dude, I’m not gonna have the little internet debate you so desperately crave. I said what I said. I for one am not in favor of anyone who has allegations of domestic violence against him having access to firearms. It is a recipe for disaster, end of discussion. I like seeing people from the fire arms community that are law abiding citizens and don’t have any baggage carrying firearms. Not guys that don’t know how to walk away from their significant other during an argument. I’d highly suggest you don’t try to determine “which side” I’m on when I’m a life NRA, GOA, NYSPRA member. Downvote me if you want to, I really don’t give a shit. That’s the problem with this community, as soon as someone voices an opinion that SLIGHTLY differs from there’s I’m automatically seen as a fudd or anti gun. I’m all for having dinosaurs and M2 browning, but I’m not for a guy hogging up the court system with DV allegations against him when we have FAR bigger fish to fry.

  34. You said what you said and you should be very upset, mister.

  35. Oh man, what will I ever do… a whole Reddit sub is laughing at me… golly

  36. “I’m an unsympathetic insufferable asshole who is literally unable to put himself in someone else’s shoes. I believe in strict laws that punish and oppress, and anybody victim to them is deserving. How do I know this? Because they don’t affect me!”

  37. kathy hot-steaming-pile-of-shit-chul hasn't signed a right to repair bill?

  38. By this logic, you can take a room of 100 unarmed prisoners, toss in a pistol, then mow all of them down for "FEAR OF MY SAFETY".

  39. Fact patterns and intent always matter. You tossing a gun among unarmed prisoners is objectively different from the scenario you described above, or what happened in the videos discussed here. You can make up all sorts of scenarios in your head. The law is not, and never has been, purely about principle. Facts, chain of events, intent and reasonable beliefs all play a role. This is true of rules governing international criminal tribunals too.

  40. Have you read the entire conversation chain?

  41. Well, it said low stock on the flag, so, maybe? (as long as you hurry) 😉

  42. I thought molon labe was super right wing?

  43. that is one hell of a bumper sticker

  44. Was this written before, or after a microservice was shut down that effectively broke 2FA?

  45. I mean I’ve known about her since the late 2000s so it’s just weird to see everyone posting her for clout

  46. It's weird, but it makes sense.

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