1. I’d almost believe you if you told me this was your natural color. It looks sooo good!

  2. I’m really fucking tired of the anti abortion crowd. NO, a woman isn’t forced to carry a fetus to term for organ donation. Some people are against organ donation, especially religious Christians so why are they expecting that?

  3. Right!!! I have seen a lot of horrific arguments but this one is way up there

  4. 1- You're talking about MONTHS of pregnancy symptoms and physical risk to the mother, all in the hopes of a miracle or an organ donation. Even *IF* we accepted the common PL talking point that the consent to sex is consent to pregnancy, consent to sex is CERTAINLY NOT consent to gestate organs for someone else's child. How dare this person decide that THEY are allowed to make the best of someone ELSE's situation, and then to MANDATE that into law?? Insanity.

  5. Yes!!! If we say she was actively trying to get pregnant, they are now saying she consents to gestate her dead baby in order for someone else to have its organs?? This is sooo sick. I logged out for the day and just got home and I’m angry all over again

  6. The ending of The Lodge stuck with me for a while. I just felt empty and sick.

  7. I would like to add to my previous suggestion with Eden Lake that movie had me fucked me up for a while

  8. I HATE this movie. Which means it was fantastic. I wish I could unwatch it. I thought about it for like a week after. Now I’m upset all over again

  9. Not OP, but for me it's the whole 'extra crunchy granola' vibe. I have no interest in people who take ridiculous things like astrology or the healing powers of crystals seriously. She seems like the kind of person who would genuinely believe that vaccines cause autism, and I'm 100% not down for that.

  10. Same thing happened to me. I had over 300 hours in my switch. In a desperate (and successful) attempt to reinvigorate my love, I spent the $15 to get it on my laptop. I’d assume you would have done that if possible

  11. Have you tried to just, I don't know... Not having asthma??

  12. You wouldn’t have asthma if you’d just breathe normal…what do you think is going to happen. I mean, what do you think is going to happen when you keep weezing like that? Stop being an attention seeker and breath like a normal person.

  13. Occasional jump scare if I’m focused and suddenly I’m snatched in the jaws of the beast. But the jump quickly turns into a “GODDAMMIT NO IF I LOSE ANOTHER SEAMOTH I SWEAR TO GOD”

  14. Hi- liberal leaning lady here. I joined this sub to get a better understanding of the right’s views on things. I don’t want any debate or arguments, I just want clarification and to learn and expand my point of view.

  15. Also weren't they both half the age of what they were in the movie ( please correct me if in wrong)

  16. https://www.esquiremag.ph/culture/movies-and-tv/grave-of-the-fireflies-true-story-a2659-20211016-lfrm

  17. Wait… you can pay people to go grocery shopping for you? explodes

  18. I used it when I had COVID. I was very grateful for the service

  19. But medical abortions are never necessary! Do your research!

  20. He has so many great moments. Not underrated, but the episode “The Gang gets Quarantined”. He kills me in that one. “SICKNESS. BE GONE” is one of my favorite lines in the entire show

  21. Make sure to add one extra outside too, saves you going in to check on them.

  22. The scene where they have the mandatory meeting so they can move the dead body. Makes me cringe every time

  23. I have accidentally ordered enchiladas as “Ahn-chiladas” before. It happens!

  24. I’ve seen so many posts that we’re just “fear mongering”. Like, no. It’s literally happening. I don’t want anyone to suffer but I really do hope some of the women who suffer from the laws were the ones who fought so hard to have them…

  25. Yep, and I want to start trying to get pregnant and I’m terrified cause I live in a state where there’s a 6 week ban

  26. Ugh! That’s so awful! I’m so so sorry. I wish you the best of luck…

  27. Lights out. It just sounded like such a dumb premise. I really enjoyed it

  28. Honestly, she was the reason I almost didn’t continue watching the show. She was so annoying and played up. The whole romance thing with her and Mutt was so dumb. But I persevered and realized how wrong I was. Now I’m like A LA LA LA LALALA. A LITTLE BIT ALEXIS at every possible scenario. Her growth, her confidence, she really is the best and I was a fool to have thought otherwise!

  29. “I’m sorry Moria…I just assumed the apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree”

  30. I mean, it doesn’t say they did existed. It’s technically the truth

  31. Idk. After being cheated on and then being gaslit that it was sort of my fault, it was pretty easy to emotionally detach myself without even realizing it. Then one day I realized how detached I was. I think that there are a lot of different scenarios for this one…

  32. Not enough love for Haley. I married her in my last play through because I thought “I want 100% completion. How about a trophy wife?” And then she turned out soooo sweet. The things she said when I would talk to her made me realize some of the things wrong in my real life relationship. Realizing the bitchiest bitch of Stardew was sweeter than my girlfriend opened my eyes. Haley FOR LIFE

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