1. It was a big storyline that she wouldn't have sex with Mac because she was so traumatized by her marriage and relationship with her Ex-husband

  2. Ahh, thanks. I was hoping for more storyline for Mac. Robert also seems to have disappeared again. :(

  3. Yeah this bozo is not worth changing history for. Frank & Co. apparently have no qualms destroying vintage storylines and characters just to accommodate random newbies no one is invested in.

  4. Didn't she do a pap stroll last week with her stomach showing yet she was carrying a coat over one arm obstructing one side and a huge purse on the other side obstructing the other side so that only the front of the bare belly was visible? Was she unable to get a pro makeup artist to come and blend in the sides with the proper shade of body makeup? Also, who needs to carry a coat in August?

  5. So Spencer's great uncle is trying to get him to flip on his other great uncle while his uncle is all "You do you!"

  6. Yes his sometimes southern great uncle is trying to get him to flip on his suddenly British formerly Greek great uncle.

  7. Did RoHo and FV have a falling out? Why is RoHo being punished in this manner?

  8. I'm thrilled Jessica has been discarded. Her aiding and abetting the bullying of Charlotte is unconscionable. I'm also pleased her trolling Meg isn't getting any attention. She deserves to be ignored. Give the attention to the people critiquing Meg who weren't previously her sycophant.

  9. It's also a Hollywood thing, a type of branding and signature look.

  10. Halfwit Harry really is a disturbed individual. Telling the world big whopping lies about his grandmother only confiding in him and how he is looking out for her and protecting her. He needs in-patient care for his delusions.

  11. Who is Cody's father? Did Dominique cross paths with Faison?

  12. Hmm, sounds like Victor isn't long for this world in his current incarnation what with everyone suddenly plotting his demise.

  13. Dang, I totally forgot that Spencer was related to Martin. I guess that's what happens when Chris and Dan forget to use characters 🙄

  14. Lulu needs to come back and shake things up. Dante and Sam are a snoozefest. Plus Laura needs her daughter.

  15. And in the background, we have Kin Shriners long time girl friend lurking. So I think we SHOULD get Jonathan on the show!

  16. In his Star Trek uniform! Which one was Kin's girlfriend? Jackie Z. was saying how much she likes Kin's girlfriend in a recent interview I caught a clip of on YT.

  17. She's the tall pretty blonde waitress at the Metro Court. Sometimes they give her lines. Her name is Trish Ramish. And yes, JF in his Star Trek uniform!

  18. I don't have a tw.itter account but I feel like signing up just so I can tweet: "Frank please hire Liesel to work at the Metro Court.""

  19. the whole scientology connection with him has me not wanting to follow him at all

  20. Yeah, he's pretty high up in the organization too, Level 6 or 7? He teaches classes/courses. There was a lot more information available online about his affiliation when he first came on the show, even photos of Kirstie Alley at his wedding. That info seems to be getting scrubbed now.... Michelle Stafford (another member) congratulated him on social media when he got the GH job even though she had left the show by then. His being such good buddies with Mo is interesting given their anti-mental health stances and Mo being such an advocate.

  21. I expect Nelle to pop up any time now. Even if short term, they need her for the Nina/Willow story that is ramping up now with Willow's diagnosis. I don't know if she will be tied into Esme...

  22. I thought it interesting she was giving teen Sally instructions to carry out about her funeral but yet when she was in her late 20s/early 30s and her own father was dying and trying to give her instructions for his death, she didn't want to hear it and cried "but Daddy, I'm your little girl".

  23. There are no sparks between Britt and Cody. Which specifically speaks to what a dud the Cody character is because Britt has chemistry with everyone else even NuBoringDrew. They are also ignoring the natural ease and chemistry between Britt and Austin as opposed to the zero chemistry between Austin/Maxie.

  24. It's been a pleasant surprise and the actress is very good.

  25. I look forward to FH and MEK's scenes, they will be great together. I recall FH said in an interview that MEK always speaks to her in a British accent when they run into each other on set, lol. They've known each other a long time, since their AMC days.

  26. That's nice KT and CJ like working together. Too bad their hug got cut, maybe next time.

  27. Me a year ago: OMG, will Gladass ever leave this show!?!?!

  28. More bs being floated by Sunshine Squawks to change the current narrative.

  29. The Ava/Trina bond is a bit over the top for a boss/mentor in my opinion. Trina has and has always had two loving parents so the over top nature of their relationship is not warranted.

  30. Yes Spinelli, keep Britt and Cody apart they don’t work at all

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