1. till they run out of it, either by sticking to their fur or tossed by them outside by rolling or by peeing

  2. To expand on your point, Epic got their start through shareware in much the same way that iD Software did.

  3. Computer game magazines of the floppy and early CD-ROM era especially, were full with demos and shareware. It was safer too to get shareware this way, because at that time viruses were rampant

  4. I guess they'll withdraw this from the worker's salaries...

  5. quiz games use the monitor of you smartphone

  6. Οι mods είναι διεφθαρμένοι. Τις προάλλες αφαίρεσαν κατευθείαν το post για τους ντόπιους που βανδαλίζουν αυτοκίνητα Αθηναίων αλλά τώρα αφήνουν τον μαντράχαλο εδώ να παρενοχλεί ελεύθερα.

  7. μακάρι να ήταν γιατί θα τους εξαγοράζαμε για καλό σκοπό. δυστυχώς όμως είναι μαλακες

  8. Not necessarily. How many good games didn't get their due reception because of poor marketing or worse, no marketing? How many fans of older 80s franchises are still alive? You can't just rest on the laurels of achievements in the past, you need to attract more eyes on your product.

  9. hope you mean "alive" as gamers. They are not that old!

  10. Deathsmiles re-release that included DS2 went also under the radar, though they sell it rather steeply.

  11. you can separate the pen, lure him there, close or cover it and then do the cleaning. It will be easier to pick him while in the pen.

  12. Probably but luring him from the cage isn’t going to work when all he’s gonna do is take off and then I’ll be chasing him for 3 or more hours hence this post unfortunately. He also won’t let me near him if I try to scoop him he literally will fight me, spray me, pee on me no matter what me or anyone does. He’s legit sprayed my boyfriend in the eyes one time trying to pet him. He’s a extremely defending chinchilla. I legit don’t know his gender because I cannot scoop him or hold him safely to do so.

  13. if he sprays pee with such accuracy, he is likely a female.

  14. This was one thing I forgot to ask the pet warehouse owner about. I assumed they 'd eat the cheaper and readily available Versele-Laga brand, popular in pet shop rodents, and fed them for a few months before switching to Oxbow.

  15. if you can provide a large space for them to feel comfortable and and don't have them isolated in a sound proof and dark room, there is no need to dedicate hours of playtime everyday. But if they are crammed into a small cage and suffer, then yes, it would be better not to have one. I gave them extra space via rail expansions the size of a small room so they don't feel oppressed and they don't even bite the rails to get out, compared to being in the cage.

  16. Steam is not suited for discussing technical support. Few days ago my post containing an external link with game and system logs for the technical support forum of a Linux game, was autoflagged and I was locked out completely from all Steam forums and could not even edit my profile. Had to inform community support for them to unlock my account. I learned that even moderators themselves are targeted by this sometimes.

  17. I've got this feeling that there will be a s*** show with game journos when the reviews for this game drop on Monday.

  18. They are not as influential as they used to. And which sane person would engage in dialogue with them anyway?

  19. you have more chances finding an real football field in the countryside that is unattended and you can freely play.

  20. > people downloading ROMs and ISOs online from often shady sites and playing them without paying a penny to the original copyright holder

  21. There’s a difference though. Selling used cartridges can only be done once. Whereas downloading a rom can be done limitlessly.

  22. the equivalent of today's modern infinite cartridge

  23. those sites are digital thrift stores in a way. No one can verify the source of your second hand product. It could have been stolen from the library for example or found in a garbage bin.

  24. add also that Linux and mac requirements are different for the same game

  25. I wouldn’t say that much have changed . It’s pretty much the same , only things that change is the hype of ppl to where they go out. Maybe the names of the clubs/bars/cafeterias change but they reopen at the same position

  26. buses are definitely worse. It used to be one every 10-15 minutes during rush hours, now it is one every 25 minutes and I mean mainline buses like 5 and 6. Cramped too as a result

  27. Computer gaming was always popular ever since the 80s with advent of cheaper micro-computers like C64. It is just that there were multiple systems, Same for consoles. Commodore and Atari systems were the most popular, while IBM PC compatibles Co-existed with those but were inferior and more expensive. Laptops were even worse.

  28. I hear a lot lately about the incompetence of Steam moderators and this happened to me:

  29. arcade games in malls, because no pause button

  30. you mean the one with Intel HD 620? I had a laptop with nvidia 560m that could play many DirectX 9 games at 60fps in HD res. That card is slightly slower but the cpu is much better, so it would suffice even for newer games at basic settings quality

  31. at one point there were a lot of Dreamcast emulators too but now it seems Flycast is becoming the defacto standard for DC and Naomi/Atomiswave games, unless Demul gets an update.

  32. I have an older system (I7 4790k, 12 GB ddr3 ram, msi gtx 1080, sb katana x card). It is still good for 1440 gaming but I left the ultra wide monitor home and use a 1080 one instead. Installed Ubuntu 22.04 and I use Mate desktop.

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