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  1. The last time I went to the dentist it was for three yes three root canals. I couldn't eat or talk and was in considerable pain. I got a lecture. I cried and told them it was between groceries for my kids ( and let's be honest rent) and that I couldn't let them starve (which we were close to anyway). I HATE going to the dentist. They don't seem to realize how expensive it is.

  2. Yes! Tell her think of the collage fund. Or just diapers! That's a ton of money to walk away from.

  3. Dude, really? That would be great. If she’s on Reddit I can message her or vice versa

  4. Is he in pain? My kitty would do this. Very unlike her so I took her to the vet. She has a double ear infection, ear mites, and a broken tooth! Once we got her some meds and fixed the tooth she was her usual self again.

  5. We have this set and love it. My big son likes to free build and it's perfect for that!

  6. What kind of sick monster thinks of this stuff? Seriously! What in the sam hill!

  7. Poor baby! At least he knew to ring the bell! Happened to me in kinder but we lived in the country. Driveways were an acre. There were no neighbors to help.

  8. If we’re talking just chicken and large fast food chains, I’d say Popeyes has the best chicken. But that’s just my opinion :)

  9. An advocate is saying that, that doesn't make it true. My girlfriend and I had a baby over the weekend and didn't have to pay a dime thanks to medicaid plus we got a bunch of free supplies from the hospital.

  10. That's assuming you can get medicaid. They are lowering and lowering what you can make.

  11. My girlfriend and her kids have been on medicaid for years

  12. We were too until my husband got a job. Nit enough for rent and groceries and bills but a job.

  13. I always wear jeans and boots. Nothing fancy but my non Texan frienda comment on it.

  14. Which youtube do you use? My neighbors just got a disgusting shitOoo!

  15. Have a phone basket. First to pick up buys dinner next game.

  16. Lol! Not a dude but I only wear jeans and boots and people always comment. But I never have snakes spiders or skeeter so there ya go.

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