1. I read down below that it was about $2600. I would deduct the cost of the phone and fuck how they felt about it.

  2. Dumbass title. Why grinch? He’s obviously going to have the best Christmas around.

  3. My kids. I know its cliche and all but i am. Before my oldest I was out dealing and banging and in and out of jail. Then after my divorce I was so depressed for a while drinking every day in my lil studio. Now I got full custody and my youngest is 3 comes to me with his extra fireman helmet and fire truck and we run around the crib putting out imaginary fires. It’s not much but it makes me smile every time

  4. All of y’all old heads not knowing what za is🤣

  5. All you little kids having to practice how to smoke a bowl 🤣 and worst of it, posting it

  6. Bro abit of mold isn't going to fkin kill u. U Americans are fkin soft little pussys

  7. Oh wow. I know u been thru some shit for a quick high before

  8. The 🏀 on this guy. You see mold all over but you decide this is a discussion?

  9. That poor kid has no idea about any war going on. From the looks of it he barely picked up the game.

  10. What’s the difference? I guess I’ll take my chances with the hippies.

  11. If you pay for it you should be able to put whatever you want on it. Gatekeeping pizza now? Wtf

  12. Good luck with odyssey, origins and Valhalla. There dog shit compared to the rest. I played all of them and I could not make myself keep playing those 3. But on the other hand black flag was always one of my favorites. Still remember sitting on the toilet with my phone sending ships everywhere

  13. Unless his penis is coming out of his ass I would say that’s her hand.

  14. At least it's believable. Sub is full of people posting pearls talking about first ever roll. When it's so clear they either stuffed a cone or been rolling for a while and just want some attention.

  15. No bigger bitch then those people that say wow after getting whooped fair and square. Or the ones that say thanks. Thanks for what? That ass whooping. Pussy little kids

  16. If you call someone a bitch or a bitch made fool for handing you a ass whooping, then your a bigger bitch than I thought.

  17. Damn. I was going to say I’m jellies but how can I? It’s beautiful. About how many grams you think that is?

  18. Fuck I did some shit like this about 8 years ago. I had to rehab a house where some guy died and was not found for about a week. The floor was vinyl and the guy melted all over the floor too. It was sad because he sold old pc parts on eBay so there was old pc parts everywhere and old baseball cards boxes and boxes everywhere he was sitting on his pc working I’m assuming and just dropped dead. I ended up removing tile and subfloor it soaked in so bad the smell was horrible and the brown stain of his body was so sticky. Fucked up shit. Another time I was lucky I didn’t work on this one I passed it up this lady died and was not found for like 2 weeks I didn’t see this one but I did see as they where taking out her cats and found out later those little fuckers had been eating her for a while fucked up shit. I wonder what they do with them? Do they adopt em out or put ‘em down?

  19. It's rolled in joint paper. What else could it be?

  20. Wtf is ch ch ha ha? 🧐 I thought it was going to be Dale for a second.

  21. Ya that’s a classic usually see the top part on them skull glass bongs

  22. So you mean if I buy a game I can’t play it how I want to because some lil Whiney kid thinks he’s bootleg John wick. Little kid you need to go outside and touch some grass. Maybe pet a real dog

  23. I might be wrong but with your teammates there is it not a 3v3

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