Brendan Fraser named Man of Year 2022 by GQ Magazine

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  1. Great thread man but beware on writing too much information in the title for other people who aren't caught up with the manga

  2. Pedro is absolutely spot on, not so convinced with Ellie but hey personal preference

  3. As someone who is outside US what has he done ?

  4. I know it's silly and completely childish but god I hate his face

  5. Heel striking while walking is normal and fine. We have robust heel bones for a reason. The main difference for walking in barefoot shoes is not reaching so far in front of you before putting your foot down, aka. over-striding. Walking is NOT running, and you shouldn’t try to “run” your walks. Decreasing the length of your stride should correspond with an increase in your step count, and taking more steps to cover the same distance should result in less impact per step. Also, if you haven’t tried strengthening your body with side-to-side movements (frontal plane) and twisting movements (transverse plane), you can address some musculoskeletal pain by improving your strength and stability.

  6. Can you suggest some excersises ? Thanks a lot

  7. It’s incredible and does much more than that. For one it remembers stuff now for any length of time from what I have experimented with. So context is a whole new deal now. Set up

  8. This is huge, next step could be to generate completely new thoughts

  9. What do you mean “completely new thoughts”?

  10. You know that it's just spouting convincing-sounding nonsense a good chunk of the time, right? It's like a compulsive liar friend who never admits to not knowing something and just comes up with some bullshit instead.

  11. Ahaha pretty accurate, isn't there around an actual GPT3 modelt that can help academic research ?

  12. +1 for this. Like GPT-3 it works best with natural language and more detailed questions.

  13. Thanks for clarifying, these tools are incredible but also it's fundamental to know how to get the best out of them

  14. I understand most if not all of these subscription tools are based on OpenAI's GPT-3 engine, just custom trained into their own model. I don't think the differences are much, but that's where affordability and comprehensiveness come into play.

  15. This is actually super neat, thanks a lot man

  16. Thanks for the response! I've used otter for a few years but it doesn't integrate with any note taking app — it doesn't even have a Zapier integration.

  17. This is cool though ! Didn't know about this one

  18. That's awesome, could you redirect me on a tutorial to learn how to properly set a GPT3 from a specific databese ? Thanks a lot

  19. I wish I did before plus taking notes of what impressed me

  20. Please continue with even more elaborate responses

  21. The average dickhead tiktoker is obsessed with views and this content is too technical. It needs a mauve background, much bigger font, and shorter descriptions and words, then maybe they'd use it. I think we be safeish.

  22. Actually having the diagram a lot more technical could be a great fail safe against zoomers lmao

  23. I see a lot of semi-technical but still literate folk show up on Telegram asking for textbook downloads. The admins tell them no, we’ll assist you on how to connect and you do what you need with that info. Then they hand either a list of steps or a link to the diagram(s). The bubbleheads give up and leave, or keep asking for someone to download content for them, or send direct messages to the channel admins and regulars to PLEASE download so and so FOR THIS ONE TIME. That makes me think the content is at the right level of difficulty to keep the riffraff out ::wink:: Cheers!

  24. Ahaha lmao, I'm seeing a lot of this too, "can you show me ?" Then leave, I guess they really don't want any learning curve at all

  25. Or maybe you're the fed and want to reverse psychology us!

  26. Meteor city has a unique language? that's an interesting worldbuilding detail, I guess it's probably a mixture of a bunch of different languages, mostly based on english or whetever the international HxH language is.

  27. Agree on everything you've said. I would add that Phantom Troupe is a reference to "Phantom of the opera" being theatrical referenced.

  28. Well it wouldn't be the first time italian translations mess everything up and they tried to retcon it (Like Luffy in One Piece being called Rubber..)

  29. Lmao that was the worst, I called him rubber for so long

  30. I'm thinking it's something like an Elder of the Kurta clan was involved in human trafficking for whatever reason. The Phantom Troupe then decided to kill the entire Kurta clan because 1. they're human traffickers, 2. they killed sarasa, 3. to profit with their scarlet eyes.

  31. Adds background to the scene of Chrollo playing the conductor of the requiem for Uvo honoring his wish.

  32. Goosebumps... For me Reddit is cool thanks to these kind of comments, I'm not a super savvy manga reader, meaning I often forget these details or specific names etc., so I always enjoy connecting past scenes, It adds so much depth, although sometimes it might be unintentional from the author

  33. This is a plausible mechanism for Nen, nothing fancy just an "awakened" function of the body

  34. Amazing effort, this could be such a great idea for a "remastered" version of HxH

  35. You know? The idea actually might make some sense.But believe it or not, there ARE people so stupid in the world, or well, they really are so desperate for views that they can put themselves at risk just to have a little attention.

  36. It's impossible to control such things, the only practical solution is to always have backup websites / hard drive copies stored "somewhere". Publish this website and its content on a blockchain could do it ?

  37. My secret dream is to have a Greed Island game and anime

  38. Ngl, as cool as this shit looks, I'm not a fan. I don't have a problem with daredevil-risking one's own life, but if someone slips, the people below are at risk.

  39. This is just selfish bullshit to boost adrenaline at the expense of, potentially so many people, the persons below, the building proprietary if any of these jackass get hurt. I mean do this kind of activity in abandoned cities or nature even though if one of these geniuses get hurt and call 911 it’s proper medical help that is being taken away from a situation that maybe needs it desperately.

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