1. the colonizers and tourists being stunned into speechlessness-

  2. all these years around cameras and she still can’t frame her photos and videos properly 😩

  3. friendly reminder to drink water and moisturize daily wifeys 💀

  4. You know they never talk in private like this 😊 I’d be surprised if they even talked at all outside social media. They only like what the other can bring to their own name - they are like parasites feeding off each others.

  5. Living like that is such a miserable existence, good for them :26694::26694::26694:

  6. Maybe she could put her in Beyoncé’s basement cell with big and little sia

  7. Our gorl ALR From dead naming her ex and constantly misgendering them To mentally abusing her most recent ex and blaming her for her cancer

  8. idk who but I’m on her side she’s serving cunt

  9. Shangela looking at the camera was my lockscreen that year, memories

  10. I had a smile on my face before I watched this

  11. What do y’all think Ru gets in her Starbucks order?

  12. something low vibrational like a vanilla bean frappe sub pineapple base and sweet cream

  13. Being😀nice☺️uh😶‍🌫️little👌borin😴when🤔you🫵in👇between🤞the🫥shEE

  14. It’s ironically lol ABCDEFU (her only big song) is not well liked and she’s definitely an industry plant

  15. the video that “started” the song is really cringe when you find out that the person who asked the question works for the label she’s signed under

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