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  1. Him playing good or bad doesn’t make this a legacy game lol. It’s game 27 of the regular season against Utah.

  2. No. His legacy as the GOAT big man pivots on this game. Nobody will remember much other than this game.

  3. Neapolitan, New York, Chicago deep, Sicilian, Detroit, Roma, Chicago tavern, New Haven, CaliFran/Napa — in that order.

  4. I don't know what califran/napa is. What people refer to California pizza as, is from LA.

  5. Find it spooky just how less coverage Googles CEO gets vs the others

  6. He doesn't go around saying, or doing, stupid shit.

  7. To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

  8. Way too many responses that don't know where this is from.

  9. One of my friends is a big Ivermectin promoter so I don’t necessarily think that’s a dealbreaker.

  10. Well who doesn't like their carrots in a bucket?

  11. Ronald Reagan. Not the best president but had a clearly stated a goal, defeat of the Soviet Union. If you supported that he wanted your vote, if not, vote for the other guy.

  12. I liked telling people that Obama and Reagan were very similar presidents. Hawkish and centrist. But that made everyone's head explode.

  13. As much as I despise Reagan and think he was possibly the worst president in the last 100 years I definitely respect that reasoning.

  14. You think Reagan is the worst? Never hear that nowadays. Usually people that would hate Reagan ended up hating Trump way way worse.

  15. That's so thick it looks like a focaccia. Looks delicious either way.

  16. What is Rodgers even going to do after he retires? Spend more time with his…medicinal herbs?

  17. Oh cool, now if Philly wins it'll be because "RoDgERs wEnt OuT"

  18. Or have to poop, depending on the pool rules

  19. It's starting to seem like all the youtubers are wrong about using high hydration and high heat for a NY style crust. Some of the best crusts I've seen have been relatively low hydration and lower temp cooks like this. Need to give it a shot!

  20. Well, hydration is just one aspect of the dough. All the other things like yeast content, fermentation, cooking method, etc, all matter just as much.

  21. Not with what BMW charges for turn signals they aren't!

  22. They cost more than the rest of the car, so most people opt not to get them.

  23. "Major Investor" that has less than .05% of public class shares and 0 founder class shares that can actually influence Google.

  24. I mean, he bought the stock knowing how Google operated. Did he think that somehow he both knew better than Google how to run Google, and that he has any say to begin with?

  25. I mean Elon firing half his staff and then implementing terrible plans is a real time example of how to badly manage. Having said that I wouldn't be surprised if Google has a lot of bloat and could easily afford to layoff a solid chunk of their workforce. Tech ballooned during covid and not necessarily in a sustainable way. Not to mention the standard practice in SF has been to hire top tier engineers just so the competition couldn't have them, I'm sure there are plenty of software guys that are hardly working and getting paid 200k and up.

  26. Yeah that was a feature of their product that got abused. It's their fault. It sucks. They suck for it.

  27. America almost lost it's democracy over that little mistake. Britain has rivers full of shit and literal concentration camps thanks to that whoopsie.

  28. Hey look. It's a new account just for this comment. Definitely not an astroturfer.

  29. I didn't realize this was a real place.

  30. Literally just this. His problem isn’t offensively. It’s just his defending and rebounding. If he can just focus on his defense for a while instead of practicing hitting shots he’ll do the team more good than bad.

  31. He is pretty clueless on offense too. Definitely a liability there.

  32. I wish the NBA world would stop sucking off Jaylen Brown as the Albert Einstein of the NBA

  33. Is this the same Jaylen Brown that stood by Kanye initially? Like why the duck is he getting press for this. Media should be calling him out for defending anti-Semitism.

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