Will NBA refs ever call these egregious violations?

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  1. One of the funniest super minor recurring characters, absolutely elevates this great episode too. Chad Coleman is also a stellar actor, would love to see him on the pod and on the show again

  2. Thurs was filmed during the same time I thought. Think the fourth was waiting

  3. Ya 3 was Filmed already as well, 4&5 probably depend on the box office of 2&3, Cameron said that himself

  4. It was basically a tech demo for new CGI shit. Which was cool, but it means it didn’t age well.

  5. Margot has already publicly exited the role and will be replaced by rising star Stefani Germanotta.

  6. When did this happen, she just said like today or yesterday that she’s been pushing for a Harley/ivy romance.

  7. Lady Gaga is playing Harley in Joker 2 which is separate from the DCU.

  8. I more meant the Margot publicly exiting the role, I knew lady Gaga was playing Harley in joker 2. Had no idea what her real name is tho.

  9. People said it before, and I will say it again. James Harden ruined the league.

  10. This been a problem long before Harden was ever in the league 😂

  11. Ya that dudes comment is dumb as fuck, guy clearly just hates harden lol

  12. This is not a James harden thing lol, you think he’s the one who created this or made it popular or some shit? Dumb comment

  13. From my limited knowledge Reddish could bring some offense and 3 pt shooting from the forward position but not much defense. Quickley has a game similar to Payne but a little better defensively. Could really push the ball, especially on the court at the same time as Payne. Given the choice between the two I think Quickley would provide the most beneficial minutes. Plus Fournier could play minutes at the 4 we don’t necessarily need a true 4 behind Cam J.

  14. if Fournier is playing minutes at the 4 we are fucked

  15. Fournier playing mins at the 4 would be absolutely horrendous lol. We had trouble at times with Jae playing the 4 and he’s just as big if not bigger and stronger and a better defender than Fournier. We’re fucked if we had to play Fournier at 4

  16. Show or movie. Guy is just a terrible actor. John Carter, Batlleship, xmen, true detective. Painful to watch him act. Berg and Kitsch were great in Battleship. Lets bring that team back together.!!

  17. He’s absolutely not a terrible actor, he’s great in Waco and Friday night lights, give him solid material and he will turn in a solid performance. He also wasn’t bad in true detective his character just didn’t get much to work with compared to some of the other characters.

  18. Love Neil's vocals on that. Just watched their Red Rocks performance on YouTube and he came out for that song.

  19. Dope stuff forsure. I will say my favorite version of that song is actually the Roskilde 2011 version with Troy covering Neil’s parts, absolutely loves troys vocals on that section, his delivery of the harpoons thrust in the sky line is a 10/10 in my book

  20. Well, I may be biased seeing as how I've been a huge fan of Clutch for 30 years now.

  21. Clutch is dope and it’s always great to see Neil perform that with them. No hate from me for when they perform it with Neil. The version they did with Scott Kelly for their live in the k pit show was just stellar too, shame how things played out with Scott, mastodon/Scott Kelly collabs were always awesome

  22. Unrelated but glad to see Anthony Starr from the Boys nominated.

  23. I agree he’s incredible, should’ve had a bunch of major awards for the role already. Anyway just so you know his name is actually Antony and not Anthony, honestly totally missed that until someone pointed it out to me a couple years ago

  24. Absolute insanity Paddy got nothing. Whole cast was great but he was the best of them all and his performance in ep8 is maybe the best single episode performance in the GoT franchise

  25. Mastodon rules and Glenn’s sweeter is killer as fuck. Anyway this shit should be great

  26. Duane Washington was dropped from the rotation for Shamet for no good reason.

  27. Washington is not a better defender than shamet, shamet’s defense has been good for us the large majority of his minutes here. Duane’s also literally shooting 37% from the floor and 28% from 3, so around 11% worse from 3 than shamet and 3% worse from the floor with worse defense too. You’re really overrated Duane because he had a couple good games

  28. Fuckin pathetic shit, god the halo “fanbase” blows, they’re cancerous as fuck 100% of the time

  29. absolutely not, breaking benjamin was way better than bush

  30. Bush is cool so this would be a good show, bush opens for AIC and now Jerry opens 2 shows for bush, returning the favor.

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