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  1. It’s not naive. As thankful as I am I personally don’t think the game is entirely where it was promised on release other than multiplayer being better than originally described. For instance mounting the creatures is… pointless and broken. Anyways thankful, but I don’t think it’s “naive” to do right by your customer. None of us would be playing if they asked for money from vanilla onward.

  2. Both suck, I just use my ship unless I’m in the water

  3. Very nicely placed stair blocks. I was confused and thought they were microblocks at first.

  4. So I put brackets and then the link with no space?

  5. You can also just click on the little link button in the bottom-left corner to add a link

  6. My favourite part was when the sniffer started sniffing and sniffed all over the place

  7. *thats* how it's pronounced? we had one and pronounced it Bijon (like Dijon) Free-zey

  8. True, I only use it to donate and get my karma up

  9. I built a huge base there, and part of it is on the island itself :)

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