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  1. Serious question, is a team allowed to come out of half and do an onside kick? Or do they have to kick it off regularly

  2. You can kick it however you want whenever you want.

  3. Dealerships are closed on Sundays just saying.

  4. Just deactivated my relatively inactive Twitter account. Thanks for the motivation Elon.

  5. Was it snowing and then melted before the cars were moved? This looks like winter parking.

  6. Live local to this picture. It snowed and melted multiple times today so that’s probably the reason. This is an in general terrible parking lot though.

  7. It’s illegal with years of jail time if he says otherwise.

  8. Now watch. As Florida continues to grow and get better Michigan will continue to lurch into decline, shedding population, jobs, and talent. Dems were already gunning to shut down Line 5 and a host of other policies that are going to blow out our energy prices.

  9. Your way had 40 years it’s been mostly shit. The people already left, jobs too. We have our first fairly drawn districts in decades. Dems haven’t even had a session yet and you’re claiming the, a failure. You sound like a dumbass.

  10. Can't wait for all of our new taxes to fund those Democratic initiatives.

  11. We tried your way, for 40 years, it didn’t slap. Let try something else you don’t have to be scared.

  12. Florida tried that with Crist and Demmings and they were smashed.

  13. Florida also got more gerrymandered, the DNC Latino vote is slipping as well.

  14. Held, that’s Tim Ryan’s seat


  16. Hey that’s local to me thanks. I never even thought to look!

  17. I’m pretty sure that guy played gay rude boys unite for me once on the F train.

  18. And her own country permits and encourages Israeli Apartheid. Apartheid Israel cannot exist without the support it gets from the American Jewish community and the American government. Ignorance would be denying this duality. American Jews actively and strongly lobby for Apartheid Israel so that it can continue to engage in ethnic cleansing and apartheid. You know, the country that likens African refugees as rapists. The country where the culture minister likened Africans to a cancer in Israel, then apologized to cancer patients for likening their illness to Africans.

  19. The evangelical Christian’s are way more to blame for this than American Jews. They send boatloads of money to keep the settlements growing. They think it will spark the coming of Christ.

  20. The AR-15 hasn’t changed in over 50 years. What has changed in society to make kids into shooters?

  21. Late stage capitalism. The middle class has gone through repeated trauma for the last 20 years or so. A middle class hasn’t been squeezed this hard since 1940s Germany…

  22. Fettermans answer on abortion made me feel better. He got that out clearly, reestablish roe as a right. Between him and Oz that choice is obvious.

  23. A a husband to a mother of twins that person can suck a bag of dicks

  24. How can you say that? You are the type of fan that is the problem. Go ahead and support them after they go 1-16 this year.. And expect a better year next year!!!!! Lions fans are the biggest losers of them all I swear. You guys will give EVERYONE 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances. You are like the fucking Fords. And I partly blame you for their failrues.

  25. Might want to take a break man.

  26. Alim McNeill is a bust. Levi never plays and is a bust. Worst DT rotation in the league.

  27. Lol TFL next play 3rd down stop.

  28. These commercials are brutal

  29. I’m in the middle of the greatest game ever played by mark frost and it’s great

  30. Life is hard I feel bad for Sarah. I didn’t get to talk to my Dad before he died. It’s one of the hardest things to deal with in my life.

  31. I put this loss on reynolds. Play every down.

  32. I don’t get that what do you mean

  33. Win or lose I’m proud of my team in this match up. Now let’s bite some knee caps and get a W

  34. Check out the Cleveland launcher full set. That’s probably the best complete bag.

  35. Trollies are great until there’s a steep uphill.

  36. Would rather push my cart uphill thank trek it with my clubs on my back.

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