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  1. I made a playlist with this song and Seven Nation Army for today.

  2. Newcastle just won their 2nd match in 21, sabres are about to win, and Bengals gonna win at 4:30. What a great sports day for me

  3. I just want to see the Bengals pound the piss out of the Titans. If the Bills don't make it all the way, I'd be happy to see Cinncy win it.

  4. And I'm the opposite lol I'm from Cincinnati and I love our bills bros

  5. I feel like the Bills/ Bengals connection will live on forever.

  6. I feel like our whole team does this more than the average team. Watch Spencer Brown fly around all over the place and sprint to help pick guys up. He’ll be known as the highest energy RT in the league before too long I believe.

  7. I noticed this last year about Motor too. He's in almost every close up shot after the play. He gets involved every time he's on the field. Blocking, running the ball or just helping a teammate up.

  8. Figured it would be at the BFLO store.

  9. Josh's chuckle when Pat mentions billdoes is hilarious in this interview.

  10. I've never heard of this area referred to as Cold Springs

  11. The NFTA has a bus garage at Main/ Michigan which is only a block away. It's called Cold Springs garage. I don't know if that's a historical name for that neighborhood or what though.

  12. One of my favorite pizzerias in the city.

  13. I was supposed to get their service last year...still waiting.

  14. Self-defense channel but the self-defense is laughably bad

  15. Oh don't worry. I'm just going to throw it in the gutter at the first sign of danger.

  16. You're a master of karate and friendship for everyone.

  17. …then Belichick should be Davito’s Toll Troll, you know, because of something something boy’s hole.

  18. Give me those itchy witchy toesy woesy's!

  19. If the defense plays like they did yesterday nobody is getting through anywhere.

  20. Maybe we won't require punting services again.

  21. The only person I recognize is josh. Can someone help me out here?

  22. Dion Dawkins with the devil horns, I think Mitch Morse very top.

  23. To add on to this. They always need winter clothes and boots in good shape, hygiene products (shampoo, deodorant, tampons).

  24. I got my first ever car loan through Buffalo Metro Federal Credit Union. They only have one location. It's across from city hall. Then we got my wife's first ever car loan from there too. You had to be a member, but with a minimum 25 dollars in an account. They have excellent customer service and great rates.

  25. Isn't there some nonsense that involves the whole state chipping in for the NYC subway because it supposedly benefits all New Yorkers?

  26. I think all public transit is like that. Definitely the NFTA. Plus NYC pays more towards the rest of New York State than we pay towards them.

  27. Hmm I wonder where we should park if going to Toutant. Or is there a metro stop nearby?

  28. Fountain Plaza station is about a two block walk to Toutant.

  29. Foot bridge over the 190 to LaSalle Park.

  30. Q on Allen can be a really fun bar. And they are requiring proof of vaccination for entry.

  31. My wife used to have her ceramics studio in there. Lots of artists rent out space in there. Really cool building. She had an amazing view of the skyline from her room.

  32. Love seeing the boys come out strong on this road trip after a tough loss streak. UPL is a fucking beast, only kind of sad they played him tonight because it means im probably going to have to watch dell tomorrow in person lol

  33. I think Dell is in Rochester. Subban is back now.

  34. That was an awesome game to watch. Last few games actually. Nice to see some sustained success.

  35. It's a Simpsons reference to principal skinner.

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