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  1. Maybe it was one of those Australian missiles.

  2. I don't know if they carry individual rocks, but I went to Gullos Nursery in Hamburg for the first time a couple weeks ago. That place is huge and seemed to have a little and a lot of everything. You could even buy their old landscaping dump trucks. It was super nice there. Maybe give them a call?

  3. Life was simpler when I was more concerned about picking out the right shirt at Aussie T.

  4. Pain is just weakness leaving the body.

  5. I had one at the Place. I thought it was great. They're fries are awesome too.

  6. Second vote for The Place. Overall, their food is very good. I'm a big fan of their beer clams, which come with deliciously seasoned bread.

  7. Yeah I agree about their food. Great mac and cheese, stuffed pepper dip too.

  8. I have a day or two until mine are fully ripe. I did get a few to snack on this morning though.

  9. I did NOT try to eat anything. This tree does have cherry blossoms when it blooms in spring. Trying to find out what the berry is or what type of tree this is. Thank you

  10. There's a similar plant called giant hogweed that looks like a ten foot tall version of queen Anne's lace, and the sap can cause you to get severe burns when exposed to sunlight wherever it gets on your skin. It's starting to grow around some rivers and bogs here in lower Ontario. (Edit: even taller.)

  11. Same in Niagara County in NY. The state DEC posted about showing up on the U.S. side of the border.

  12. Could be using it as a safety precaution Incase he shut the wrong circuit off or if someone was to turn it back on while he is working.

  13. Then this stil would be violating OSHA rules if someone has the ability to reenergize the lines while he's working.

  14. I ordered Bills and Sabres ones in 5/22. Mine arrived Friday.

  15. Edit: Lian Bichsel, Noah Warren, Jack Devine & Jimmy Snuggerud added to the list.

  16. Jimmy Snuggerud is Dave's son. Who we also drafted.

  17. Is the tv behind her or is the background an add on in post?

  18. This isn't very updated. After October surprise and all the trees were killed, they planted those ugly ass trees that look like they belong in front of a haunted house. Those are called Kentucky Coffee tree.

  19. I quit CSX after 6 years once Hunter Harrison took over and they started putting in a ridiculous attendance policy. You even received points against you for a doctor's appointment. Really tough to get time off on a system production gang.

  20. Is this where the Ellicott Square Building is now?

  21. Yep, according to the BN: In 1900, Main Street, looking northeast at Church Street, was part of Shelton Square, which was formed by the intersections of Main, Niagara, Church, Erie and Division Streets. These buildings were eventually replaced by the Ellicott Square Building.

  22. Amazing seeing those before and after.

  23. It's Rick Jeanneret last game. Might be hard to scrounge up any ticket.

  24. Neither is the Colored Musician Club expansion.

  25. I don't think they've even started basic site prep at Colored Musicians Club. I drive by everyday. There is a sign saying which company is the construction firm though.

  26. After that monster hit from Asplund too.

  27. Makes sense, thanks. Was very curious. They should be back on the road with the team by now IMO

  28. The Eagles are playing at the arena tonight.

  29. Heroes Get Remembered, but Legends Never Die. Follow Your Heart, Kid, and You'll Never Go Wrong. -The Sandlot

  30. It's actually pretty shitty to graffiti over murals this is on the side of thirsty buffalo hosting one of the many murals in Elmwood village.

  31. It's on the side of a bunch of active businesses. Makes my skin crawl when I see that.

  32. Flying tigers was always a treat as a little kid. You could eat outside and watch the planes and There was even a nice grassy area with a hill to run around and Play on.

  33. They also had the headphones that you could listen to the plane communications while at the table.

  34. Will you be here Friday during the day too? If so, check out the City Hall observation deck. It's free, open during regular business hours, and offers amazing views.

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