Good guy adopts an old timer so he doesn’t have to die alone

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  1. Its not a bug, its see through, it has legs, but at one point looks like a circle orb, i saw a ghost animal the way it walks.

  2. As i read what you said, it seems you have Plenty of time & love to give a dog, you were not asking for a dog that doesn’t bark at all. This woman seems horrible! There are so many shelter dogs out there that Need Out Of the Jail they are in, & into a lovable home, shame on her! You go & get your dog! Rescue one from a jail he or she never deserved to be in!

  3. Does anyone know of a place in northern Virginia that will take open bags of dog food? I have a huge bag halfway full of Rx royal canine, & several bags of Rx hp treat’s. I hate to toss it when I know there is a dog thst can use it. Hp food is hydrolitized protein for diarrhea. My dog passed & i have this left.

  4. Wow! Sounds like whatever was in Anne attached to you .

  5. I personally have never heard 'dog noises' - I have seen energy run amok. I think he is trying to get your attention in any way he knows how.

  6. I will welcome any sounds he makes. My son actually heard his dogs claws on the floor, & a nudge on his hand. I only had one very vivid dream i was putting my hands in his fur, & hugged him, as soon as I hugged him, he just disappeared. I did have a cardinal the day he passed come right on my deck railing. Not sure if what they say about a cardinal is true or not. I have seen & heard, & had so many ghost touch me, why not him?

  7. That was a visitation dream, vibrant almost like a memory.

  8. So, last night I am sure he came to see me. I was laying in bed with my sons dog, I felt this stepping on the bed going around & around, I looked at my sons dog, cause I thought it was her looking for a comfortable spot, she was sleeping very still & sound. The stepping came up right behind me, I could feel the cover being pulled when it was stepped on, I also heard the sound of like licking, I looked many times & my sons dog was still sound.

  9. Wow! What a wonderful man, he is actually an angel thank you for helping that poor old dog. My best friend of 15 years just passed a few days ago, I am heartbroken beyond belief. They are the best.

  10. Looks like a lot of cracks! I wouldn’t skate on it

  11. No, their tails are wagging, they are just playing

  12. I bought a balm stick for my dog, I just rub it on his paws before he goes out

  13. My dog of 15 years just passed, I wish i gave him more treats!

  14. I am looking for something to help me cope with the grief i am going through, i lost my dog of 15 years a few days ago, i am heartbroken beyond belief. He was my everything!

  15. I say request a sonogram, Because he just had a vet visit for a check up one month before this they said he was fine they said he was healthy they said after he died the only way to know he had this was through a sonogram

  16. I suggest to go to a vet, & request a sonogram. My dog was doing this & I thought he was choking so gave water, he seemed fine after that. 3 days later all of a sudden he’s sounding like he can’t breathe at 3 am, then couldn’t walk, he had a mass they believed on his liver that burst, it stopped blood flow to his legs, his mouth muscles got paralyzed, he died. My heart is broken beyond belief!

  17. I am really sorry for your loss, I know how you feel, my dog of 15 years passed this Sunday, I am over come with grief, I can’t function I can’t breathe I can’t stop crying, it’s a long story but he lived with me but he was actually my daughters dog she couldn’t keep him in her house because the two dogs did not get along she was the best dog mom in the world I was the best dog grandma in the world he had everything he needed lots of love he was a happy boy he was perfectly fine when we went to bed, he drank he ate at 3 AM he had a problem and I laid there telling him to go back to sleep I thought he was just dreaming because he would have these dreams and start shaking and I would wake him up out of the dreams because I thought he was having a bad dream so here I am telling him to stop and he was having a problem breathing I didn’t know that we took him to emergency vet he had a mass on his liver we had no idea about that burst it actually paralyzed his legs and his mouth he couldn’t eat or drink I tried giving him water that’s why he could not drink it but I took my hand and gave him water with my hand to wet his whistle, The vet said he’s not a candidate for surgery he was suffering badly he could not breathe we had to put him down hardest thing I did in my whole entire life, this is harder on me than when my dad passed and my brother and my aunt who was it like a mom to me this is the hardest thing I’ve gone through in my life I cannot get over the grief so I know how you feel this dog was my best friend he was my everything he was the best boy in the world never complained never mean I’m just hoping he visits me in the spirit world, I’m also mad at God for taking him this way, if I could’ve had some notice I would’ve given them a whole bag of treats and spent a whole day with him instead of going out to dinner that day I was still with him most of the day but still to take him suddenly like that from me with no notice

  18. I am so sorry to hear about your dog, my dog passed on Sunday he was perfectly fine when we went to bed at 3 AM he had problems I never thought when we took him to the emergency vet I would not very be bringing him home, I am over come with grief I cannot function I cannot breathe, he was my best friend he was my everything, this is harder on me than when my dad and brother and aunt died,

  19. I am very sorry to hear about your dog, this is the hardest thing I think ever to go through, I know it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my whole entire life

  20. My dog of 15 years passed Sunday, perfectly fine when we went to bed, 3 am had problems, a mass that burst I didn’t know he had, he also just had a check up in December, but the only way to know about this, was if he was having a problem, & a sonogram given, there were some signs like three days before that happened he was breathing funny as if he was choking I thought he was choking so I gave him water and then he was OK so I ignored it thinking he was OK he went on as a normal eating drinking playing and then this happened it was all of a sudden I’m over come with grief I cannot function I miss him way too much he was the best he was my best friend he was my everything

  21. So sorry for your loss, my dog of 15 years passed Sunday , I can’t get over the grief. My son n law made our arrangements, I couldn’t even look. I hope you find what your looking for, I know Amazon usually has everything.

  22. Do you really think vampires & werewolves are real ?

  23. It could be parked out of frame to the the actual parking lot we clearly see.

  24. Could be, but it looks as if it goes up ? Like straight then up?

  25. Mmm.. you're right. Smoke doesn't usually travel in right angles. It could be lens flare. Or a ghost. We just don't know.

  26. At my mom’s house, a glass bowl went flying across the kitchen, just missed my sisters head. I also long ago, had a blender full of eggnog go flying across the kitchen, hit a wall in the dining room, & smashed into a million pieces. AlsoC a glass terrarium full of plastic flowers went flying over my head & smashed between my legs on my bed. Ghost throw things

  27. I once got smacked in the face walking on a civ war trail. I looked around, & there was absolutely nothing that I could have walked into. It was myself, my daughter, her boyfriend & our 2 dogs, i was trailing way behind taking pics of flowers, & looking down as I walked because i was looking for a piece of cedar to make a craft. My daughters boyfriend totally does not believe in ghost, but he & my daughter saw a man walk into the woods in a blue uniform & totally disappeared. We were watching for other people because my dog does not like other dogs, so we were always on the lookout. We were there to put a rock back that my son took, he liked it, but after taking it home, he & his wife another non believer, saw a man in uniform walking around their house, they mailed the rock back to me & ask me to put it back, which i did, but couldn’t remember its exact location. Somewhere on the unfinished railroad.

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