1. With the December transfer portal and extending the playoffs, the era of meaningful bowl games is over.

  2. I told all you haters that Cody was a good guy at heart.

  3. So Chase and BLQ are over - did they ever have sex?

  4. There's always Comet, Cody. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. Only 3 commits from Arkansas? Is the talent level down or are we not locking down the state?

  6. Odom is the close friend of Freeze, so he might have the inside track (unless Liberty is pissed at Freeze for leaving)

  7. The show has gone way off course bringing back the Holly and Heather characters

  8. Its totally unbelievable that Liz would be in the room with Esme unescorted. Esme could easily push her down and get away. Liz wouldn't fight back since Esme is pregnant.

  9. Oklahoma lost tonight - making it the whole season where every weekend Arkansas lost OU lost, and every weekend Arkansas won OU won. Both are 6-6 so lets get a bowl match with them.

  10. I think Kendall Briles is an easy target for frustrated fans who are not ready to point the fingers at Sam Pittman.

  11. All the times they show Sam Pittman on the sidelines, I never see him talking on his headphones.

  12. Nice summary of basketball KJ's heroics. The other article on the scuffle just shows some trash San Diego State fans getting on the court and some pushing and shoving - every fan base unfortunately has these idiots.

  13. Britt's doctor seems like the type that loves giving you bad news.

  14. Something tells me Victor might be kinda evil

  15. If we beat Missouri and Illinois drops another, maybe the records will be close enough to warrant a Bielema bowl somewhere.

  16. This is the most unenjoyable game where Arkansas is winning.

  17. I want to reach in the TV and strangle these announcers.

  18. If KJ and Rocket play well, we have a chance. Ole Miss is so consumed by the Lane to Auburn possibility that they aren't giving the Hogs game much attention.

  19. Free Myles Slusher! I hope he is cleared to play against Ole Miss. Hasn't he already been suspended for both Liberty and LSU?

  20. I guess someone has to post a Gif since Limp_Gap isn't here today LOL

  21. Drew, you're not gonna find anyone sitting there yapping like an old woman on Bingo night

  22. Why wouldn't he have told her about them running the test and Nina not being her mother according to Carly??

  23. Are we sure Cam is Liz's son? He is so normal and well-rounded, and she is the exact opposite.

  24. TempNik scares me more than MC. I feel like this Nik would actually pull a Cassadine and kill Esme.

  25. I actually thought he was gonna keep Liz from leaving.

  26. It's a wonder anyone gets any work done in this town🤦🏼‍♂️

  27. Cam & Spencer should hit up the singles bars after Spencer gets out. They deserve better

  28. Great effort by the defense. Get better KJ!

  29. For all the people defending Briles, please explain to me what about his tenure here has made you believe in him? Offensive success last year can be contributed to Burks bailing the offense out.

  30. Yea lets blame Briles for the total trash play by our backup QBs.

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