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Alex Jones caught in a lie in court where he is being sued for $150 million for defaming Sandy Hook victim families

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  1. “I’m a 16-year-old blond. Probably all I have to do is cry, and they’re going to feel sorry for me,” Schumaker told her, referring to the jury.

  2. That's exactly it. You can hear that some songs are straight from volume 1 sessions with different chord progressions

  3. Lying comes so unthinkingly naturally to him. Whether something is actually true or not just doesn’t figure into his calculus whatsoever.

  4. When you made $800k a day at some point just by lying, it gets easy to lie

  5. Mmmh never thought of it like that. Hiding the bald spots..

  6. La France qui parle d'hypocrisie c'est quand même culotté surtout aux africains

  7. https://twitter.com/sieteochooo_/status/1552328895680192512

  8. Rogue Audio Hijack does that. But i'm you if you left-click on Chrome > choose inspect > click on the network > click on media > play the track you'll see the address of the file in the side panel

  9. This worked using inspect element in Chrome, was able to get to the source audio, thank you!

  10. You're welcome ! This works with most website.

  11. The best translation I can think of is probably "un provocateur" (une personne qui provoque). Since the main point of an edgelord is that they affect provocative speech in order to get a rise out of other people. But this isn't exactly the same.

  12. The only convincing solo string library atm is Cinematic Studio Solo Strings. It works especially well in tandem (as 1st chair) with Cinematic Studio Strings.

  13. In this case loudness also comes from orchestration and equing

  14. More people producing means more good producers and more good songs. More turds too but we don't notice those

  15. I always think this now when I see a middle aged white woman harassing a black man. They def want dick.

  16. Which is not mutually exclusive to racism btw

  17. Whyyy isn’t that outro on streaming services?! 😩😭 it’s so good omg. This music video elevated the song for me. Halsey was literally enchanting, JT was rlly moving, and for some reason Pharrell is so hot to me omg. Great stuff

  18. Ça m'étonne pas, on retrouve d'ailleurs plus de femmes dans les métiers du soin et de l'assistance aux autres. Ça me paraît être quelque chose d'inné, même si sûrement renforcé par la culture.

  19. Economiquement les femmes sont plus dépendantes que les hommes donc ces derniers peuvent plus facilement "refaire une vie" donc envisager de se tirer

  20. C'est surtout que vous avez-vous pas été éduquer dans ce sens.

  21. C'est effectivement une manifestation du patriarcat et pas seulement une question d'éducation mais aussi matérielle

  22. You can probably find around the web

  23. "Organically" is still marketing. Nothing happens by itself.

  24. Nah I sit at 160k monthly listeners without literally any marketing at all. 75% of my streams come from user own playslists and the others from Spotify official playlists.

  25. Quite possibly one of the most racist statements I've ever seen on a mainstream subreddit.

  26. Definitely racist.. like black people can't be dumb too

  27. Digging this, look for some slap house/bass house producer

  28. That's why he's looking for a edm producer...

  29. I have a song that i produced in 2016 and that will be released next year so..

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