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  1. Un mois ??! Cela fait 6 mois que le PDG de cette société a pratiquement admis que

  2. Okay j'étais pas prêt à entendre autant de franchise. Ce mec est un idiot qui a eu un coup de bol.

  3. Just to add to what the others said:

  4. She deserved that smoke honestly. Damn just accept the condolences and keep it moving.

  5. Might also be sb who already been rejected a few times and is taking another shot here

  6. How is Jurassic World second place? I heard nothing but bad things about the movie, and know now one personally who has seen it or at least they have not talked about it then

  7. Why would leaving stuff at your house cause conflict?

  8. He was gonna cheat anyway. This is just so he can put the blame on her

  9. i've transposed almost all of my songs unwarped in ableton and always after mastering

  10. None. I don’t need anyone else producing my work, moving my faders, playing my notes, channeling my experience, nor telling my story. Not in the visual design, not in the composition, not really anywhere. I dont need AI stem separation as I’m not sampling other work (nor have I liked the results I’ve heard of AI stem separation). Don’t want AI mixing/mastering as it doesn’t ontologically understand sound, music and musicianship with the nuance of soul that defies quantification. I never had a band, probably won’t ever. I don’t need tools, (instruments, AI, human, or otherwise) pretending they know my soul or pretending to feel the heart of my music.

  11. These sound really cool. Thank you !

  12. Well looking back where he started his comeback (prison), it's impressive

  13. He was charged with corruption and money laundering, for those curious. What a time to be alive, where that guy is the reasonable candidate.

  14. And what did the supreme court say about that ?

  15. in addition to a higher octave falsetto, adding a whisper track helps get that hi end shimmer. Something like Ircam TRAX can turn a regular track into a whisper track

  16. Most songs' BPM can be found through google

  17. Changing the tuning I play in. After years of standard, drop D, & drop C, I stumbled onto open C (thanks, Devin Townsend!) and it was like a cheat code for guitar to me.

  18. Devin Townsend's video with Toontrack is a goldmine of production/writing tips even if you are an electronic music producer like me

  19. Moi je n'ai que cet article, mais quel est ta source si je peux me permettre ?

  20. Je fais partie de ceux qui ont fait les rondes, cherché les preuves et appréhendé le gars. Ce soir même on a fait une réunion pour étudier les suites et surtout interpeller les autorités locales pour des solutions parce que ce n'est pas notre job. Quant à la police, ils s'en foutent totalement de cette histoire, là ils essaient juste de sortir de l'embarras

  21. Quitte à remplacer la police, pourquoi pas la justice ? Que pensent les gens autour de toi de la justice qui relâche des gens violents qui présentent un danger pour la société ? Qu'allez-vous faire si ce gars est dehors dans quelques semaines ? S'il ne purge pas de peine parce qu'il est déclaré fou ou je ne sais quoi ?

  22. Je ne sais pas. Les gens font ce qu'ils peuvent avec les moyens qu'ils ont là où ils sont. On a pris en main ce qui etait à notre portée et on a laissé à la police et la justice le travail qu'ils ont à faire. Nous sommes comme tous les citoyens : critiques de nos institutions tout en ayant conscience qu'il n'y a pas d'alternatives et on joue le jeu de l'état de droit.

  23. Faut ouvrir des centres de détention en Guyane pour y mettre les OQTF ils vont vite retrouver leur passeport

  24. Apparently this happened back in 2020. The guy is called Billy Steele and he was 31 at the time. The son of rich parents... apparently he has a habit of getting drunk and acting the fool and his friends dropped him. And apparently he turned himself into the police and asked them not to press charges against the guy who punched him too which is interesting to me

  25. That’s quite presumptuous. I’m a masochist and I get aroused watching this genre of pornography.

  26. Kink shaming isn't cool unless your kink is to be kink shamed. Then I'll happily oblige

  27. The only sample/sound packs I've ever (in 10 year) bought is Echo Sound Works and still use them constantly. Also their customer service is chill asf. Not shilling but I've just been so blown away by their quality and company that I've actually paid for them after trying them out.

  28. Yeah and the guy is really cool, love his tutorials too

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