1. It’s a conference, they paid money to have their logo on that page.

  2. Have you ever worked on a webflow site built by a marketing team with no HTML/CSS background?

  3. Just built my site and know little about cars html. It’s still in the works Thefilmchip.com

  4. Looks good to me. The problems come up when you have 50 pages, CMS templates, and need components. If you don't namespace things, you'll end up playing whack-a-mole where you change a font color here and it changes on 5 other pages.

  5. that is scary... do we even need human CEO's anymore when AI makes smarter choices ??

  6. This may come as a surprise to some, but simply saying out loud “build more things efficiently” isn’t the hard part.

  7. The hard part is execution, and the wordy ai isn’t replacing that. But thank you for your rant.

  8. Yes, you can. However reversing out of danger has two advantages:

  9. Thanks i was thinking that. Sun’s pretty high right now and they tend to fold on themselves when propped. Gonna have to work on a solution for that but as i head into the desert, im feeling really confident about having a/c at night

  10. Your 100W panels aren’t going to help you run a/c at night, sorry

  11. Yes, this one clearly has a patio door on the mezzanine level.

  12. Aside from the bikes, everything was purpose bought for the camper. We like our creature comforts.

  13. LOL, this response cracks me up. “Naw man, we bought all this shit on the way to the campground!”

  14. How many staff members does it cost to run a gym like this? 350 members, equipment leases (unless they have $1 buy out, leases mean you give the equipment back), real estate lease, utilities.

  15. That’s the thing, there are no assets to purchase.

  16. In a larger city, it's easier to find like-minded strangers who are also looking to connect with others.

  17. Can you list some examples of how DFW doesn’t have this problem? You’re saying sprawling suburbs are the cause… but then DFW doesn’t have the problem….

  18. You'll have to ask the guy from DFW about specifics for that city, but I can speak to the difference between trying to build a network after relocating to NYC vs. Cincinnati. It's basically what I said in my earlier comment.

  19. My experience definitely didn’t involve seeking out a city with “forced socialization,” whatever the fuck that is.

  20. Adventure Vehicle comes with a roof rack. But does my five-seat Outback have space for luggage for five? Only if I use my roof rack.

  21. That’s great, but like the person said, that means this thing doesn’t really have a 7 seat use case outside of point to point local transport.

  22. I never said a thing about adding a mall or establishments. I OBVIOUSLY spoke of growth in areas that would likely create foot traffic in our establishments.

  23. You opined that the mall was in jeopardy and then advocated that families move to Elkins, west fork, and Lincoln.

  24. Every time someone comments this just proves they really haven’t looked at the actual

  25. These posts crack me up, as if the first step to affordable housing is paving 1000 acres to put in an outdoor shopping mall.

  26. I run a 5m business and none of the content here is relevant to me / routinely get downvoted for my advice to people that can’t afford a hamburger on their business earnings.

  27. I’m looking for a mentor. Would love some advice on marketing from you

  28. Honestly I’d say marketing is my weakest skill. Our business model is such that picking up 2-3 new clients per year is explosive growth. It’s highly relational and referral driven.

  29. Meh, if you’ve managed people long enough this can be pretty relatable. You can put a good leadership team together, but you have to weed through a lot of poop to get there with a small company.

  30. Wow, what’s it like to run such a simple operation? We spend $0 every single day.

  31. What type of company do you work for? We can build tools to simplify this for analysts but it really depends on scale and ROI.

  32. Fayetteville is a college town. If you don't want college kids to avoid Fayetteville. Bentonville would be my vote, but I have never lived there. I just worked for a while, but I love the area

  33. I live in Fayetteville and never interact with college kids.

  34. The west side of Rogers, mid to north Fayetteville, west Springdale. Those areas tend to be the “nicer” parts. There are pockets of sketch throughout all the towns though.

  35. North Fayetteville is cardboard apartments. Definitely need to quantify your interpretation of “nice”

  36. Kudos to your firm but I'd trust the OP to have a decent handle on what's possible with his clients. You're proposing 40x multiple of where he's starting at.

  37. I brought it up to illustrate a point, that price barriers are usually mental. The OP is talking about 3 hour/year retainers... It's downright silly. At 200 customers, they could move to $1k/mo retainers, and if they lost 194 customers they would still come out ahead... and not have 200 customers to manage... and probably not need to hire more help.

  38. Thank you! Agreed, a little risky. I like your idea. I do worry though, because I don't get a ton of NEW clients anymore (on purpose because I'm overloaded), so almost everyone would stay grandfathered.

  39. How about $1000/month retainer, not 300 a year. It’s 10 hours. My firm won’t touch a retainer for any less than $30k a month. You need to expand your horizons a bit.

  40. ATRS is just one part of the state pension fund. Also, it’s a fund. If the fund loses money, it has less principal invested over time. It will be missing out on compounding gains. The actual loss is 40 million times whatever returns the fund gets in its portfolio. It’s a lot more than .2%. Now take that figure and compound it annually.

  41. It is for some, and isn't for others is what I have found so far.

  42. I’ve got marginally more trust in Google than random Reddit guy

  43. I drew my wojack OC like a pretty human female so you know it's good

  44. That person’s nose is over a third the width of their face.

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