1. Don’t do precise dagger, you will regret it later on and want to switch

  2. Yooo, this happened today in the morning right? I actually took a screen shot when the person running the bots joined the lobby because FUCK HIM. Hes basically paying himself and undercutting the 2nd driver.

  3. This would be very helpful, I hate having to relog into my alts just to double check if i've donated my silver to the guild

  4. my muscle memory cant comprehend, each time i click repair my mail opens up T_T

  5. I was at work and I knew this was happening but couldn't do anything :/

  6. Same, we got nothing out of it while people got free pheons and are complaining about downtime AFTER receiving the pheons while another majority of players got absolutely nothing.

  7. Similar playstyles for me as my main is a 1500+ igniter sorc and all my alts are 1460 Igniter sorcs as well. The gems make my alts feel pretty damn strong. Only real difference is my main is full spec/crit with 5x3 with CD and my alts are all running spec/swift 5x3 with PD.

  8. Doomsday, Explosion and Punishing Strike. I like the fact that you can animation cancel these three skills making Sorc skill rotations feeling very smooth and satisfying when you see those huge crit numbers or high stagger damage for the stagger checks.

  9. You can usually preorder directly from your local pro shop.

  10. I'll have to stop by my local pro shop soon it looks like.

  11. I just ran into one. So that makes two for today. One in-game, one on reddit.

  12. I make a lot of "free carry no bid lobbies" to try and get books. I personally ask my passengers to either AFK in the beginning or stack where I ping because,1.If you afk all the mobs only target me, making it easier for me to clear mobs with less attacks.

  13. All my characters are able to share gems because I only have 6 Igniter Sorcs. Every gem collected goes towards making stronger gems. I find it pretty satisfying being able to do busses on my alts. At the moment i'm sitting at 2 Lvl9 Gems on Doomsday, 2 Lvl8 Gems on Explosion and everything else are Lvl7 Gems on the skills I need.

  14. That 1502 striker is a fool joining a matchmade lobby and demanding no bid from everyone else.

  15. Maybe just wait 2 years until the prices drop

  16. Crafting a 98 quality relic weapon

  17. What support are you playing as? If you're a Paladin doing a 2 man bus at 1475 is doable if you have a DPS set to help clear moon side by yourself.

  18. Opening this nsfw post at work had my heart racing, only to see 1135 Solar Graces destroyed T_T

  19. Bro why is Woogzies always getting caught in 4k? T_T

  20. Same weight for your spareball as your main ball. Less inconsistencies. I got my spareball from my buddy and its helped me push 200+.

  21. Yeah I used that in highschool. Liked it a lot. I might get it and use it as both until I can get another heavier hooking option

  22. I love my pitch black and its my first and only ball. The only problem is I don't always want to throw a urethane ball but it is what it is until I can get my hands on a pearl/reactive ball.

  23. Hard yes but we all want to tap to 23

  24. I had an armor piece I upgraded from 51 Quality, tapped it to 52 quality, then 53 quality, and eventually 54 quality. I swear quality upgrade is a scam lol

  25. I don't think there's a meaningful difference between the Umotion and the pitch black.

  26. you're probably right, Pitch black was my first ever ball

  27. The main thing I see wrong is the timing during your approach--specifically when you start your pushaway. Your pushaway should sync up with your right foot stepping forward. After you fix that, you can work on sliding your feet more and taking straighter, more controlled steps, rather than taking wide heel-to-toe steps. You're waddling side to side a bit at the start of your approach. Finally, at release you are coming around the side of the ball rather than letting your arm swing down like a pendulum.

  28. This is a really good insight and I really appreciate you commenting on my post. I will indeed keep these in mind the next time I go bowling and clean up my form.

  29. also, I would recommend lessening how many steps you take and also move up on the approach more to get closer to the foul line when you finish.

  30. Will definitely keep this in mind next time i bowl :)

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