1. What happened to Rubee? Hope she’s ok. She’s extremely beautiful!😻

  2. She was fixed, they couldn't get a vein on the first leg so shaved the second. Now she has cold legs

  3. And you are most welcome in

  4. Oh yes, she's already posted there! Thank you!!

  5. I'd be inclined to call it "jade daggers", she looks pretty displeased.

  6. Considering she was just awakened from a deep slumber I would agree 🤣

  7. Wow! This is one of the most beautiful cats I’ve ever seen.

  8. Well she went unnamed for around a month, my fiance used to have another tortie that looked close to her and her name was sapphire. So we decided to keep the trend going and name her ruby but with a twist.

  9. VERY new here, and to the 3-D printing world. What does the painters tape do?

  10. It helps with bed adhesion. Too much bed adhesion and things don't wanna come off and you could damage the print bed. Too little and things come off the bed mid-print and cause a huge mess and waste a lot of plastic.

  11. Huh interesting. My girl looks at me wherever I'm in my room and just freezes and stares (I swear with genuine fear). I don't know why other than she's just a more easily frightened Leo

  12. He likes to torment my cat. It's almost like a game of cat and mouse, but with a lizard 🤣

  13. Oh my goodness that's one hell of a risky cat & mouse game

  14. Lemme rephrase. Lizard stays inside his cage, cat can't get to lizard, lizard makes scratchy scratchy noises from tank that drives cat nuts. Cat keeps trying to find ways to get to him, but always fails. New age Tom & Jerry 😅

  15. Do not!!!! I made this mistake when I got my first two and my larger gecko ripped ofd the others tail. I felt so bad. 😪 I've come a long way as a leopard gecko owner.

  16. I'm curious... I've seen people say they mix it with cashew milk. But then also see people say to only use water with PB2

  17. Nothing better then a fat head doggo, makes me wanna squeeze and kiss

  18. I was telling him before recording "your not meant to do that bud" he would just stop and "mlep" his tongue out at me.

  19. I dont honestly know. Mine does it all the time. Im actually in the process of building him a "stairway" of sorts with hides and stuff for him to climb on.

  20. Yes! Paperwork said “Hound” but we don’t know much else

  21. Idk how comfortable you are in your relationship, but you could show her subreddits of girls with smaller chests and show her how much love they get and how much they are appreciated! That's how he started me off. I mean it's not always for everyone. But I figured I would post what works for me!

  22. Idk if she is into this kind of thing...but my husband helped me with my self confidence by having me post pictures of myself on reddit. The love I recieved shot my confidence right up!

  23. Can anyone tell me if modular home plants are allowed to be open without a waiver from the governor?

  24. Settle down, Beavis. The odds of this affecting your life in any meaningful sense are somewhere between slim and none.

  25. Louder for the people in the back sir.

  26. It wouldnt let me describe the issue above. I am a 28 YO female, I have been dealing with this issue since I was a senior in high school almost 10 years ago. When I become overheated, take a hot shower, or very angry I break out in hives. This picture does not show how bad it gets it covers my whole body. Does anyone know what this is? Doctors tell me they dont know.

  27. I have the same issue all along my forearms when it gets really hot. I’ve taken to just calling it “heat prickles,” I think it’s kind of like the hives equivalent of a storks bite on a baby tbh? It’s something I’ve never gotten an answer for yet.

  28. It's frustrating, when it happens I could cry. I feel like my skin is as hot as lava and I try my hardest not to scratch it. I get it EVERYWHERE! Even on the bottoms of my feet.

  29. Did you double the medication or did your doctor?

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