1. I have big boobs and also find that position uncomfortable, but I think mostly because our bed is too soft. I keep my bottom arm out and above babies head or he will kick off my legs and rip himself off my nipple. Squirmy little eater

  2. Poor angel. We’ve been fighting off one cold after another - currently going hard with RSV. Same eating issues used to be reliably 6oz, now 2 if I’m lucky. We asked the dr and she approved sleeping at a steep incline we’ve got us bassinet jacked up on 6” blocks at the head and it helps him sleep at night. Good luck!

  3. Have you considered getting a snoo? I think it was about 6-7weeks when we finally made that call. I’m not saying it’s the only option, but it worked for us. I found a used one on FB marketplace for $800 and when he outgrows it in a couple months, I’ve already got a buyer lined up for $800. So yes, a bit of an output, but a loan to my own sanity. Good luck mama. Hope others have some good advice for you!

  4. If by public you mean the gym, or other active exercise, I’d excuse it. But not if you mean to a restaurant or even most bars.

  5. Is that what is wrong with it?? Our data is all wonky. I don’t know exactly what time I pulled him to nurse, but there’s no visible break until I put him back down and then for only 1min. Makes no sense

  6. You only have to save 12.24-3.06= $9.18 to break even since you would spend that going to your closest store. Your best bet for saving $ is going to be through meal planning. Reducing your trips to the store and making sure you’re using everything you buy will save you the most. Also makes healthy eating easier

  7. I believe the word you’re looking for is intimate. And yes, it absolutely was.

  8. I would absolutely try again. My suggestion is to contact the old day care and ask them to give A/A’s mom a note with your phone number and that you’re interested in a play date.

  9. Would it be possible to let them take the base of the costumes, but not the extra pieces? Especially to a party I wouldn’t want them taking things that could get left behind

  10. A kid I went to school with died from a sinus infection getting into his brain. They thought it was just a bad cold. I assume he had a stuffy nose, but the stuffy nose part isn’t exactly what killed him

  11. Fill a water bottle, like a nalgene, with warm/hot water and put it in your bag before you get in. And make sure you’re using an insulated pad between you bag and the ground

  12. Happened to me too! He just wanted a little extra attention 🙄

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