1. Some kind of wonderful Maurice Dead Poets Society

  2. not to be overly observant(i get this label alot nowdays as most people are useless at it) but arent those mandarins???

  3. Yes. But they aren't called tea mandarins or tea tangerines.. they're commonly known in the tea world as a tea orange

  4. Wish we could see the whole video. Apparently he finishes with "Go fuck yourself San Diego"

  5. Shannon Hoon sang a bunch of backup for Guns N Rose's on their Use Your Illusion albums. He was good friends with Axl Rose. Here's an amazing video of

  6. I love the Michale Graves era Misfits. I would love to get American Psycho on vinyl, I have Famous Monsters as a picture disc.

  7. Kickball with a cherry ball made everyone a playground hero

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