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  1. fam. you finna start a war...

  2. People who refuse students infuriate me. How do they think the doctor or surgeon learned?

  3. The cheating aspect is what hurts my heart. I’ve been in her shoes in an incredibly similar situation. Leaving isn’t easy. Even with money.

  4. I just don't get when they don't get what I mean. If we were all collectively nicer and didn't judge each other then the world would be a better place. I know Khloe isn't an angel, but that doesn't mean she deserves anything. I'm getting a "two wrongs make a right" vibe..

  5. Exactly. I’ve seen several statements about how at this point Khloe deserves X, Y, and Z. Why? Because she’s a human that is struggling? Money doesn’t mean they deserve negativity.

  6. As someone who had an insane MIL ruin her wedding - PLEASE go for the bride. She needs you.

  7. Or maybe… she has no control over her body because she’s a newborn…? It’s entertaining how insane people are.

  8. It really does seem like she should be like Kendall and Kylie’s age.

  9. I don’t think it’s the age gap - it’s where the gap starts. If she were older no one would think twice. It’s because she’s so young, plus your ten years. If she were 33 and you 43 no one would bat and eye.

  10. Well she edited out the line where her arms meet her armpit so old Kim is still in there somewhere.

  11. The weird edit on her armpit makes it looks like her arm connects further down - she wouldn’t be able to lift it if this were real.

  12. Kim went through all that to get Marilyn’s dress only to look like this in the end, damn.

  13. That’s what I can’t get over. Alllllll of that drama for this to give absolutely nothing. If she had worn a wig and dramatic makeup she would have killed.

  14. There’s no proof. She claims it but no one else can back it up.

  15. 5 is incredibly important! Sewing and pressing go together and should almost never be separated. Soooo many people don’t understand how pressing improves sewing and thinks if it as just ironing… don’t get into that mindset.

  16. There isn't. There's an increased rate of people DIAGNOSED with autism. Same could be said about cancer, celiac, etc. Doctors know more know and it's easier to diagnose

  17. There is also less of a stigma surrounding seeking diagnosis and treatment.

  18. I can’t imagine leaving my children unsupervised. Especially near water!

  19. I’ll try to find it, but there is an AITA where a child drown at a wedding at a venue like this because they weren’t being watched. Iirc it was a family member of the bride.

  20. This was the episode where I started to despise Kris and my heart broke for Caitlyn.

  21. Are they making an Astroworld doc? Maybe that’s why the sudden Kylie/fam jam PR is so heavy

  22. They already have. It came out a few months ago.

  23. i was born before 99 & have never heard of them before this post lol

  24. I find this hard to believe. However, even if you haven’t heard the band name, you’d likely recognize some of their music.

  25. It’s time for someone to sit her down and have a talk.

  26. I'll comment as someone who does sew, for both myself and for my business.

  27. This is exactly what I was going to say.

  28. You’re absolutely right. Gaga and Taylor Swift rebrand before every album launch. It’s part of their success.

  29. I never print them. 99% of the time it’s waste. If they want them they can print it.

  30. This is actually great information. Being barefoot is important - ESPECIALLY with little ones learning to walk.

  31. Her baby is SUFFERING and she’s on Facebook looking for validation? Jesus.

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