2. Of course there is gonna be supporters of Amazon-destroying fascist.

  3. Isn't that what they're trying to do now? Every prediction that Putin would lose support or that Russia was running out of munitions turned out to be false. The country that, according to western media, ran out of missiles months ago just dumped 81 hypersonics on Ukraine in a single attack. How anyone can continue to believe media outlets, especially those of the western world, is beyond me.

  4. Western media outlets are still better than the insane schizo shit spewed on Sputnik and RT. You're a dipshit if you think you're smarter because you're listening to them instead of CNN.

  5. Schizo it may be, but at least when they lie, they lie in my favor. When CNN lies, its only ever to the betterment of my enemies

  6. I don't think wasting billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of healthy adult men in a pointless war in Europe is a betterment to anybody.

  7. Lefties be posting memes like this and then putting black sweaters over their pride shirts to sneak into Chick-Fil-A

  8. Now that I think about it Canada's healthcare system makes a lot of sense.

  9. Perhaps, but I'm also pretty sure the landowners and slave masters hogging the resource had more to do with that than anything else. Regardless, choosing someone to be a slave simply because of how they look or the circumstances they born in is obviously fucked up and I'm willing to bet most understood that it was fucked up. Just one of those shitty things that everyone rationalizes before enough people spoke up about it.

  10. What if I told you that they got black slaves not because they were black, but because they were cheap?

  11. That makes the most sense to me. People losing their humanity to save some cost is a tale as old as time. But not only were they cheaper, but Africans were skilled at livestock and farming which made their labor more desirable than the indentured white servants and convicts back in the colonies.

  12. I meant more that racism came from them being cheap slaves and thus being sold to America en masse, not that racism is what lead to such massive enslavement. I know it sounds fucked up, but if every black person you saw was a slave doing menial labor you'd probably think that it's all they're good for after some time.

  13. Wow Hakim's new video must have cut deep for people

  14. If I was cut every time a commie spouted angry pseudointellectual nonsense my body would look like John Wick's back.

  15. Like I said, it's very hard to pull off this argument convincingly because at the end of the day, no matter where you try and take it, you're still pretending an EV puts more carbon into the atmosphere than an internal combustion engine running off of petrol. "But but lithium mines!" Are still going to be lithium mines with or without EVs. We can't turn back the clock on battery tech, everything has a lithium battery now.

  16. No, you don't get it. EVs need a FUCKTON of lithium, the batteries are massive, and like most Li-ion batteries they have a short life and start losing their charge quickly. 10 years and you need a new battery, which is more difficult and more environmentally destructive to replace than a whole ICE engine.

  17. I have only contempt for anyone who believes Ukraine should give one inch to Russia.

  18. I dunno, I think Russia could take a couple inches.

  19. Not a republican, not even American but what else are the Clintons?

  20. Yeah, the Clintons suck. Being Democrats doesn't make them good people.

  21. Yeah but they’re dangerous and should be treated as such.

  22. No. It should be VERY difficult to live as a dirty commie though. We need more McCarthys.

  23. Lmfaooo what wall? I'm funded by the CIA, sit down lil bro

  24. You don't want to make AuthRight heat ovens again.

  25. If a couple boys from Langley make a regime collapse maybe it's just a shit regime.

  26. These kinds of comments are why I don't feel bad when lefties get censored.

  27. I'm making perfect sense. My point was that alt right YouTube channels like pragurU are able to thrive, which they wouldn't be able to do if they where suppressed.

  28. PragerU isn't alt-right. Clearly you're radicalized if you think a basic-bitch conservative channel is alt-right.

  29. "No No guys you don't understand. This time this war this makes sense. I swear it's not like the time we needed to invade Iraq for oil, and Afghanistan because we did a minor bit of trolling against the Russians years back! Guys trust me we NEEED to support this war guys! For freedom and democracy of course!"

  30. The Taliban received little-to-no aid and they still kicked the US out of Afghanistan bruh.

  31. They kicked out the Afghani Interim government forces, aka the guys who were smoking hashish while 20yo Alabama sisterfuckers did actual work. You can start talking when goat lovers take over a NATO country in 3 weeks and occupy it for 20 years.

  32. The ideology evolved into Billy-Amganakammunism.

  33. She does look super goofy, but god bless her for going into acting, she's not half bad.

  34. Whaaat? I thought all women are just loveless automatons who hate the concept of sex!

  35. Looking up communist states is capitalist propaganda.

  36. GamerGate was not even in the same ballpark of topic, wtf?

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