1. I am looking for the public announcement, daily news, of the reason given to the public for this. Frankly, I've had enough of your attitude.

  2. Hallo, in authoritarian states dictator does not need to give any reasons or explain anything to the public. Or if he does, it does not have to be even remotely plausible. What would they do anyway, not elect him for the next term? "Because fuck you, that's why" is usually the only reason required.

  3. I may be wrong but I don't think the cockroach nickname was in wide circulation until about three years ago. By which time he had legit earned it several times over.

  4. My suggestion is to limit you itinerary to a few regions instead of trying to do it all in one go. The route is definitely doable in 9 days, but most of this would be spent driving (and that's assuming there won't be any delays due to weather). If you goal is not just to tick off some boxes in the list but actually feel something, you can't rush it like that.

  5. I don't see the people of Belarus having the organisation or the knackers to rise up and I sorely wish that wasn't true. I've been desperate to see Belarusians rise up since Putin invaded Ukraine.

  6. It could be said that Belarus is the one at slumber. Compare and contrast what Ukraine is prepared to do to secure freedom. And NATO and the EU are wide awake and doing what they can do ensure UKR isn't defeated. What are the people of Belarus doing?

  7. You should be able to retrace the whole journey by bus and ferry, connections are usually quite good. You would still probably spend a whole day going back to Barra. I second the suggestion to take train to Oban, then you can even fly back to Glasgow.

  8. This is where Russia manipulate "Belarus" into firing a tactical nuclear weapon at Ukraine.

  9. Don't talk rubbish, even if anything is launched from Belarusian territory, it would still be done by Russia. In fact, they confirmed it themselves (which is only reasonable), so it would be problematic to pin this upon Belarus now. It is more about as a possible pretext for invasion in case something there goes not as planned.

  10. Russia delight in deniable events which everyone knows is them.

  11. If they wanted deniability, they would have said they are giving the nukes to Lukashenko, while in reality keeping the control to themselves. This is not what they said though. On the contrary, after their statements the deniability is gone out the window. Sorry, but your level of analysis leaves a lot to be desired.

  12. A regiment in general is not really small. Guessing from multiple sources, they approximately have more than 1500 soldiers. That decent enough to fight against divisions of the Belarusian army, which in general, does not have any moral nor combat experience. The Belarusian army is training its soldiers to do jumping jacks, break some piece of wood in front of a crowd, and paint trees white. I can not imagine how you will hold up against highly motivated military personal, equipped with good gear, weaponry, military vehicles, and on top of that (depends on the progress and success of the Ukrainian army in the counter offensive) soldiers from Ukraine. I would bet on my left testicle, that there would be enough Ukrainians joining the Kalinouski regiment to make a difference in Belarus. Don't forget from where the Russians started their invasion. Ukrainians certainly haven't forgot that.

  13. You overestimate the power of the EU. Hungary is blocking everything, you need a common view for all relevant decisions.

  14. Isn’t a yellow basically winds of 55mph? So basically low level hurricane or tornado speeds

  15. Hurricane is about 70+ mph. From what I see the wind in the East/South East is not going to exceed 30. If this is correct, there is nothing to worry about, unless you want to use an umbrella.

  16. What about 60mph? Sat looks more like 24-30 m/s wind

  17. On the one hand, yes. On the other hand, that didn't stop the West helping out in places like Libya, Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan back in the day, etc. Hasn't always "worked" in the sense of achieving its goals, but it has a lot of the time.

  18. Oh yeah, those famous success stories of helping out in Libya, Syria, Afghanistan... You also forgot Iraq.

  19. This is a question we don't know.

  20. Managing one or two opposition Telegram channels does not make one an opposition leader, let alone a prominent one.

  21. The older you get, the more difficult it becomes to organize other grownups to do something together. Go ahead and travel solo if you like traveling, in the end you will have to do it anyway.

  22. Well that is a little weird. Between this and putting up tank defenses on their Ukrainian border preventing their own armour from crossing, reinstating border checks with Russia, and high ranking officials constantly dying, am I being too optimistic in thinking Lukashenko and Belarusian elite do not actually want to be anned by Putin, and that maybe this is gesture to their people?

  23. It has nothing to do with Putin or Russia. The regime simply shows that it can be benevolent to those who play along. All this on the background of the lack of any news on some of the other opposition leaders now in jail. The target audience is neither the West nor Russia, it is Belarusian opposition and society.

  24. What is this anyway? Some kind of underpants? I reckon, since you already have hiking pants, you should be fine without these in June/July. It is not THAT cold, you know, even in highlands where there is still snow. It all depends on your cold tolerance of course.

  25. Why don't you go to Google Translate and click "Listen". It gives reasonable rendition of the phrase.

  26. Sorry for not answering the actual question, but are you aware that lupines are rather invasive and liable to supplant other plants in the vicinity, not necessarily limited to your garden?

  27. This question is too abstract and the answer depends on the kind of activities you are going to undertake, not the things you wish to see. Many waterfalls and lighthouses can be seen without ever getting out of the car. Some people are perfectly happy to hike in these; I wouldn't, as they don't offer any support at all on grassy or rocky slopes.

  28. I don't think there is a blanket ban on traveling via Belarus for Russian males. It is true however that Belarusian border guards cooperate with Russians (and vice versa), so if one is evading draft, or there are some other problems with the state, he can be denied boarding, yes. I don't think anybody would be able to give you a conclusive answer, including the border guard themselves if you managed to contact them, because as always this us all highly individual and likely treated on case by case basis. From what you've said it does not look like your ancestral homeland has reasons to be interested in you, but ultimately nobody knows what may happen.

  29. Another question is, how are you going to leave. If you try to go from Belarus to Poland with your US passport, they will ask how you got there in the first place without a stamp or visa. If you go with the Russian one, you may even be denied boarding the bus if you don't have Schengen visa, and then there may be difficulties with Polish border officers as well.

  30. Why would he need a Schengen visa when he's got a US passport? Upon arrival in Belarus, he will present his Russian passport and upon exiting Belarus, he will show both his Russian and US passports. No issues.

  31. Fair enough. If I were an ill-disposed border guard though, I would ask him why he didn't show his American passport upon entry, did he have anything to hide etc. I am sure it would look extremely suspicious to an American officer - why not Belarusian then?

  32. Never bothered ranking them, but one movie I distinctly remember getting to me was Mamma Gógó.

  33. Ég veit að hún var sýnd á RÚV fyrir svona tveim árum en ég missti af. Því ekki deila á deildu?

  34. What triggered you this time? I haven't seen any new outrage in the media.

  35. Spend your energy on something useful rather than fighting windmills. This is exactly the kind of attitude that brought the 2020 protests to an end, when people started to fight symbols and indulge in symbolic acts instead of doing something practical. If you can't do anything practical, do nothing.

  36. The road between the airport and Keflavík is not exactly designed for walking, and the landscape is not very picturesque either. Besides, according to Jón Kalman Stefánsson, "Keflavík does not exist". I would stay in the airport.

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