AITA for not adding a third bathroom to our house?

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  1. Just like every other breed Arabians can run the gamut. There are multiple types too (halter, Crabbet, Polish, Egyptian, etc etc) and what purpose/bloodlines the horse is from can have an effect on overall "hotness". If I were you and trying to avoid "hot" I'd be much more concerned about the Saddlebred blood. That's a much smaller gene pool of horses purpose bred to be showy, fiery, "up" and animated and while the breed is known to be quite friendly the horses are highly valued for their "controlled fire". Of course ymmv depending on the personality of the indivual and there are ASB sport lines that are reputed to be much more level headed but I doubt a horse used for showing country pleasure is going to be from sport lines. I love ASBs, I've known many and known plenty of National Show Horses too (which is the proper name for this cross) and while they are great horses they, generally speaking, aren't usually the best choice for a quiet ride. They are often fun, friendly, people-pleasing and kind but they also often are considered fiery (but in a good way by those who appreciate them). Even the occasional dead-head flunkie couldn't hack it as park or pleasure Saddlebred we occasionally had come through the barn were still "more horse" than what what the average rider would consider a "quiet ride".

  2. She seemed very patient for her test ride. Again, it was in a round pen so not ample opportunity to act a fool. But when I dismounted and was talking to the seller, she was standing there and loving me rubbing her neck and under her mane. And I really loved that. The only other horse I was really considering was an older Missouri Fox Trotter and she was lovely but she didn't seem to care about me at all. If I wasn't actively holding her attention, she wanted to wander off and do her own thing. So when this mare was melting under my attention, I fell for her!!

  3. Perhaps I gave the wrong impression, I didn't mean to insinuate they have a proclivity for acting foolish. It's the animation of the gaits, the forwardness, the speed at even intermediate gaits and the walk and the general energy of these horses that people tend to struggle with. It's a lot. It's like going from driving a minivan to driving a Porche. These horses also tend to have very specific training especially ones that have been in the show ring. Precise cues for each gait change, for being stood up for lineup etc. You aren't going to know what her energy level and way of going are until you get her somewhere you can "open her up". Trails are prime places for that. We often took the show horses on trails during the off season to keep them exercised and give them a change of scenery. The "normal" horses couldn't keep pace, riders got beat to a pulp on stock type horses trying to keep up because they'd have to maintain a brisk trot to keep up with their walk. TWHs and other gaited riders did just fine with the ASBs/NSHs though. Students with no Saddleseat background also seemed to struggle disproportionately learning how the horses were cued too, with the canter being exceptionally challenging as stock type/pleasure horses generally have different cues. If you find yourself struggling you may be best served seeking out a Saddleseat instructor to help you get a feel for her training given she was a CP horse. Also with regards to trail riding, those big quick movers can be big quick spookers too. I've had them slide right out from underneath me before I even realized what was happening when I wasn't paying attention. You learn not repeat that mistake pretty quick lol. But upside, the seasoned show horses are used to hustle and bustle environments so they usually are pretty good about adapting to their surroundings whether it's show grounds or trail scenery.

  4. They are really complaining about not being able to steal from you anymore but they don't want to say the quiet part out loud because they are self-aware enough to know that would make them look like the thieving assholes they are.

  5. Your trainer is viewing this through the lens of what kind of horse will give you a more competitive edge. You seem to be looking at this through the lens of getting a horse you'll be more comfortable and relaxed on. You can absolutely show hunters on a 15hh horse. I think you should have a little heart-to-heart with your trainer to make sure they know where your priorities lie with your search for a new partner. There's nothing wrong with wanting what you want, and prioritizing personal enjoyment over being more competitive. You just might need to convey your wishes to your trainer a little more firmly to get them on the same page.

  6. Never feed any hard feeds not specifically labeled for equines. Ionophore contamination can kill even in trace amounts and monensin poisoning has been known to wipe out entire barns. It is never, ever recommended to feed feeds labeled for ruminants even ones that do not list monensin as an ingredient as they are frequently milled/mixed on shared equipment and carry a high potential for cross contamination. If it doesn't include equines on the species list do not risk it.

  7. What kind of surgery are you concerned with? If colic surgery is your main concern, Smartpak has Colicare that will cover up to $15k in surgical reimbursement if the horse is on their supplement. I don't believe they offer mortality as part of the deal but if you are having trouble finding a company to insure your horse this may be a viable alternative for you.

  8. You're an employee so things are a little different for you vs the general public. Possibly handling dangerous or aggressive horses is part of the work environment. That said, if you are injured on the job that would fall under workman's comp. You are employed legally right? Taxes and SS taken out, filing taxes at the end of the year? Because if not, if you are being paid under the table, you will not qualify for WC. Outside of workman's comp, the barn owner's property/business insurance may kick in. This place is insured as a business right? Or is there a liability policy on the horse to cover situations like this?

  9. What kind of control freak are you that you expect your meals prepared outside in the winter because you can't deal with a kitchen being used as a kitchen? This is asinine, she never should have been cooking in the garage in the first place. Upgrade your range hood like any normal, person would do and quit being such an asshole. YTA.

  10. At the point where the legs are closest to the camera it's pretty obvious it's a 2 beat diagonal gait aka trot. The other intermediate gaits (as in, the gaits of horses considered gaited) will be 2 beat lateral, 4 beat lateral or 4 beat diagonal. Some trotting horses are smoother than others, some do a slow smooth trot called a jog which is kind of considered a hallmark gait of Quarter Horses, but the 2 beat diagonal gait is a trot no matter what version.

  11. So… BIL took part in the conversation shaming onlyfans, then participated in joking about your sister having one FULLY KNOWING she had one and that HE SUBSCRIBED!?!

  12. Prolly thinking he sufficiently slut-shamed her into keeping her mouth shut. Boy howdy did that backfire on him.

  13. Didn’t really backfire considering everyone blamed the sister still. Amazing family. Hope the sister goes LC

  14. I'll bet his wife is singing a different tune behind closed doors.

  15. The site portrays her as a pro so you are right that more people in the family are culpable.

  16. It's the site for her family's farm. They aren't going to say "let our ding-dong dumbass daughter abuse your horse and pay her for the privilege". Media is running with that though and that's what I find kinda irritating. I do like the FEI's statement and how it throws a little shade by pointing out she wasn't an active member like she was claiming.

  17. No, they still stand by their decision because they claim that is WAS working. Until it wasn't, apparently. They also took Hydrocholorquin (spelling, but I'm sure you know what I mean) early in the pandemic because Orange Man Said Good So Do.

  18. If you don't mind me asking what were the symptoms that lead to hospitalization? Back in the early days I complained to my farm vet about what a hard time I was having finding Duramec for my horses which led to a conversation about some pretty gnarly side effects for all the people taking it.

  19. They were lethargic, dizzy, and had some breathing and gastrointestinal issues. Also some upper back/shoulder pain that was ruled out from coughing from bronchitis.

  20. Yikes. One of the things my farm vet told me could happen is "they'll shit out their intestinal lining if they take too much too long". She's got a real way with words.

  21. Old money barn I worked at, one of the trainers there sold a pony to a client (super wealthy old money trust fund dude) for his daughter for $400k. The client/father also bought a huge luxury turnkey facility that year and installed the trainer as the head trainer/manager there, basically turned the place over to her. Was the gossip mill churning? You betcha. Both the trainer and the client got shiny new divorces within the next couple years, and are still "business partners".

  22. Because I'm 15 and do not have a job nor can I get a job until I'm 16, my parents are very good about supporting my horse and are very understanding about the cost of my horse My horse just moved from a boarding facility that was neglecting her id rather not go into to details about that but we had to pay for 30days my horse wasn't there (450$) then we had to pay off the contract (308$) then we had to haul her to where she is now (200$) then we had to buy hay, grain and a new blanket (270$) if it weren't for all of this being in the last 3 weeks she would have had a vet out but at the moment we simply cannot afford it we are trying to do everything we can to hopefully get through it without the vet coming out if her condition worsens then I will do the right thing and find someone who can afford it to take her, her well being is more important than me simply having a horse Hopefully y'all understand that under any other circumstances she would have had a vet out immediately

  23. Okay but they aren't supporting the horse adequately, because the horse needs a vet. You aren't giving her adequate medical care. The bacteria multiplying in her body are not going to just say, "okie-dokie, let's go ahead and die because this girl is trying really hard". They'll keep multiplying and this can turn into a Really Big Problem, as everyone is trying to explain to you, even an actual vet. I get you're only 15 and this is pretty much out of your hands but you're making everyone who reads your posts about this bystanders to your horse's neglect and that is why you're getting the replies you're getting here.

  24. Knowing modern day veterinary it will cost you. A million dollars lol. Seriously though he will feel so much better. Was it impacted or just old and rotting out? Looks very shallow honestly

  25. My vet squeezed me in between nearby appointments and the tooth gave up the ghost after a couple quick tugs so hopefully she doesn't hit me too hard for it. He's just a really old horse, pretty much just incisors left at this point. I've had him for 26 years, she's been his vet for 20 of them so she's a little partial to the old guy.

  26. My senior boy has a shifted molar that’s not quite ready to come out. My vet had a good laugh, my only questions were ‘what are the symptoms’ and ‘I get to keep the tooth, right?’ (Also I’m friends with my vet, she knows it’s par for the course)

  27. I was gonna toss the tooth but my vet showed me a few websites where they make custom jewelry from your horse's teeth so I decided to hang on to it. Old guy's on the wrong side of 30 and I've had him for a little over 26 years so he's kinda special to me. Tooth necklace would be a nice keepsake and some of them look almost like agate when they're sliced and polished.

  28. No. Dogs are predators and horses are prey animals. There are very distinct and real differences in the way each of them react to different situations, stressors, environmental factors and perceived threats when they revert to instinctual behaviors.

  29. No, she’s gaited! Took me forever to teach her to trot normally because my trainer said I had to. The university said that it might be these breeds OR related breeds of these. Fox trotter makes tons of sense. There were two stallions whose breeds I didn’t know, but one looks like a kind of warm blood, though not sure Holsteiner. Other looks like he could be a breed similar to an Argentine criollo. Only one potential dad was a QH, but my mare hated him.

  30. You'd have to do a DNA test against the three potential fathers to find out which is easy enough to arrange provided the stallion owners are willing to provide samples. The test you had done is only for shared genetic markers aka a sort "ancestry" type of test, and many even include markers for extinct breeds. All of the North American gaited breeds are both fairly new (many of the registries weren't even established until the early/mid 1900's) and extremely closely related, sharing many foundation horses and bloodlines so Missourri Fox Trotter could also mean your horse has gaited blood from another breed that shares ancestry with early Fox Trotters which would include Tennessee Walkers and Rocky Mountain Saddle Horses. Warmblood results in these tests are often due to markers from Thoroughbred genetics as there is a heavy infusion of TB in both saddle horses (including all North American gaited breeds and Quarter Horses) and Warmbloods. Criollo markers would indicate some South American influence but not necessarily Criollo, as that breed is of Spanish ancestry which is also shared with both North American gaited breeds and Quarter Horses so they would also potentially have enough shared genetic markers to make the "top three" in results for these types of tests. Think of it like the results of a 23andMe test, if your results say you're 6% sub-saharan African it doesn't make you black. Not trying to be a dick here, just trying to help you get a little better understanding of what the results of these kinds of tests mean.

  31. They specifically don’t have markers for extinct breeds. I don’t have contact with the stallions’ owners. It might be another gaited breed, but I don’t really mind. Comparing the stallion I think it is to an Argentine Criollo really makes me think it’s him. He might not be an Argentine Criollo, but he’s likely a similar breed. The foal also has his same thick neck and flat withers. I understand that this test won’t tell me the EXACT breeds, but it helps me figure out which of these 5 stallions were the dad. Two frisians are probably out, quarter horse is probably out, and the Irish sport horse is probably out. That leaves the mystery stallion. Posted a video of him in another comment. Not 100% sure, but this DNA thing helped me make a good guess.

  32. Without checking their site for the list there is at least one, the Turkoman, a friend's Akhal Teke/TB cross has that breed in his results which makes sense because Tekes are strongly considered to be direct descendents of that breed. But being extinct since around the 1800's it's more than unlikely her horse has any close Turkoman ancestors to give you an idea of how far off these tests can be from the reality of close ancestors/actual breed.

  33. It's true just like it is with pretty much ANY elite sport. Whether it's your own money or someone else's money in the form of sponsorships it takes giant piles of cash to be competitive on the international level on any field. People who refuse to acknowledge that have their heads up their asses.

  34. Amazon actually. I've got the exact same one in my house. I bought it because it was cheap and I was on a budget rebuilding after a house fire. It's a complete piece of shit for home use I can't imagine how bad it is for commercial use. I'll be replacing it when I can.

  35. "I am (such a) a nice person". If you have to point it out, it's probably not true.

  36. "I'm the most honest guy you'll ever meet" said the married creep at work while trying to ask me out on a date. My co-worker eagle-eyed his last name off his badge and had his wife's Facebook profile pulled up before he was done chatting me up.

  37. No way. Maybe a toilet and a sink but adding a shower more than doubles. Could probably do it cheaply in the 12-15k range but definitely not for 5k.

  38. Eh, it depends on how much you can do yourself. We added a bathroom last year and did it all ourselves, tile work, sheetrock, plumbing, ventilation, electric, whole 9 yards. Used good materials too no contractor grade anything. We were only down about $4k in materials and a decent chunk of that was the jacuzzi tub and tile for the shower. Not everyone can pull that off though, my partner is a general contractor. Subbing out the work is what kills you, we'd have spend triple that at least on subs and that's using his regular guys who give him really good rates because he throws them a lot of work.

  39. If you did the plumbing and electric yourself then it isn't to code and will cause problems when you sell, you know what right? You need permits for that stuff!

  40. As I said in my comment my partner is a general contractor. Yes, the work was permitted he pulled the permits himself.

  41. I agree that this degree of escalation with appeasment is really weird and has all sorts of red flags on all sides.

  42. Yep. In terms of the physical altercation all that really matters is whoever threw hands should catch the charge but overall this place sounds like Crazy met Crazy at the corner of Dysfunction Junction.

  43. It's really that weird to you that the people you work with are people who become your friends?

  44. News flash no one wants to hang out with their asshole manager off the clock

  45. My higher-ups are all pretty friggin great. Still don't want to hang out with them. We just don't have many common interests.

  46. That's usually a matteg of trust in your vet, is it not? I know a lot of people who will only go to one doctor for their pets, like they're a family doctor or something. Doesn't hurt if they have a good track record

  47. It depends, if there's a clinic nearby with a good reputation it's usually not hard to get one of their vets out for a PPE, might just take a referral from your primary vet. I've used Rood & Riddle Lexington for PPEs on short notice on referral for horses in Kentucky because my primary doesn't travel that far. Never had any issues. I've used smaller clinics too with no problem when buying out of state, it's pretty easy to feel out their reputation with the internet these days.

  48. Yeah I know Its crazy how fast some get sold I need to do a PPE first Problem is that my Vet can’t go and see the horse until next Wednesday.

  49. If you're sure about the horse you can ask to put a deposit on the horse. Conditions are generally the deposit is non-refundable unless the PPE uncovers a condition that would render the horse unsuitable for the job it is intended for. You'd have to hammer out more specific details with the seller on what is acceptable/unacceptable.

  50. No I haven't been to a hospital, my mom said I didn't break anything but if the pain continues I might try to convince her to get me an xray

  51. Get an x-ray to find out what you're dealing with. Treatment for a fractured pelvic bone or vertebrae is going to be different than a rotated pelvic bone/pinched sciatica for example. You won't know what to do till you know what's wrong.

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