1. UT Austin has a decent film program. It’s a good film town with the Austin Film Fest.

  2. To my understanding of uber, passengers have their own ratings as well. I've asked my driver before how many stars I was on and he told me.

  3. Yes. When I drove, if someone was below 4 stars, I would cancel the request.

  4. Nobody is mentioning Aziz Ansari (maybe because he wasn’t truly cancelled) but I thought he got the shit end of the #metoo stick.

  5. The doors as wings is the best part. I used to do that with my hot wheels when I was a kid.

  6. It has to be some real shit if it’s got Enya as the backing track

  7. Have you seen the movie The Whale? If so, what were your thoughts?

  8. In a master shot (a wider shot that gets both characters), you don’t get as intimate with a character so it’s harder to see some of the more nuanced reactions in the characters’ faces. Often the master shot in a two person dialogue scene will need to be profile to both characters so you don’t get to look directly in their eyes. They use the singles (close up on a single character) to emphasize those moments.

  9. In my humble opinion, you cut where it make sense. A dialogue shouldnt consist of a continuous shot/reverse shot unless its important we see the characters facial expression. In my opinion, the shot/reverse shot really breaks the immersion and I'm really sick of the fact that its so common. I feel like hollywood has taken the basic idea of the "edit" and taken it to its extreme. I prefer the older school style where shots were longer. But thats just me.

  10. It’s all aesthetic choice. I’m not saying either is better. I’m just saying why you would choose to cover a scene this way.

  11. thank you, also me I couldn't really make out the words he said but now it makes sense Q: Why is Canada so hard to get in to? A: You have to start with the early stuff!

  12. Seriously thank you for explaining this. I did not get what the joke was at all. It’s because the set up isn’t clean. The “such a hassle” line separates the set up from the punchline. That’s why it doesn’t land.

  13. “Can You Feel The Beat” Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force

  14. Shut up! Any of you seen my sister Mergatroid?

  15. I can't understand why anyone who makes less than 150k would volunantarily live in California (or the North East) when there are so many other places that are so much nicer and with better weather

  16. We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

  17. And there are many places like that with much lower cost of living and who knows you may live longer at those alternative places because you will be able to afford life's basic needs without struggling

  18. I’d love to see someone combine this prank with the one where they set up a fake finish line and give a gold medal to one of the people at the front.

  19. Flip me, reading through this thread has the same tone as when politics gets brought up at a big family dinner, and Auntie Karen starts talking about how vaccines are made by Satanists to disrupt the youth.

  20. The “-ing” rule should be seen as a suggestion. Maybe a reader isn’t going to point out and pass on a script because of it but on an unconscious level, it affects how the script moves. “He is sitting on the chair” is grammatically correct but it isn’t as active as “he sits on the chair”.

  21. Then don’t say anything. Really. Posting “I have nothing to say” is just silly. Although not as silly as “Anyone who I shall honour by taking their script for free must be nth desperate to get a film and so successful financially as a writer they don’t need the money.”

  22. I will explain this to you as simply as possible and use as many monosyllabic words as possible because you seem to have a really hard time understanding:

  23. I’ll dumb this down brutally for you: when someone tells you that expecting a good script to be free is as stupid as expecting your sound people to work for free, they are NOT telling you not to pay your sound team…

  24. You just refuse to acknowledge what I am saying because you are so stuck on the difference between $1.2k and $3.6k as being an insult vs a monumental life-changing professional rate. $3.6k is basically the same as nothing in the grand scheme of things. But $2.4k is 4% of the whole budget. Expecting a good film at this budget level is a long shot to begin with without needing to throw money away irresponsibly. If I was the writer on this and he offered me $3.6K knowing the overall budget, I would think the person was an idiot.

  25. If he makes you happy, don’t worry about how others are trying to make you unhappy. I think it’s valid to ask yourself if it is a fetish (on both sides). If the answer is no and you two are happy and emotionally healthy, then let other people deal with it. If you have super hardcore BIPOC friends and they invite you somewhere, I suppose out of courtesy you should ask if it’s alright to bring him along. If it’s an event specifically designed to be a safe space for BIPOC community, ask also (or don’t bring him). But if it’s just normal socializing, it should be fine. I had much more militant friends when I was younger that would make me self conscious about my dating habits. Now the ones I still hang with have softened and I also don’t care, I’m just trying to find someone I can be happy with.

  26. I understand how uncomfortable and foreign it is for cis white males to feel judged because of the color of their skin. But here’s something to think about, your ability to not judge people by their race, color, ethnicity, etc is a privilege. The rest of us grew up constantly being judged because of the color of our skin. It’s nice that you are one of the minority of people that can look past it and that’s appreciated but it’s also your privilege that allows that. When I was in college, I had a buddy try to compliment me but saying “I never think of you as Asian”. That’s great for him. But I always think of myself as Asian and I also was always keenly aware that my buddy was white. It didn’t make him a bad guy but it was awfully naive of him to believe that the outlook in life that he’s been gifted would work for everybody else.

  27. So after doing some deep analysis of this pie chart, I think its safe to say that the big red portion is Chota. No way home boy makes it to the next round. He's been carried just about as far as he can ....

  28. I think we got a bunch of Shibuki’s voting.

  29. i want to assume your intention is to provoke reflection but given that this isn’t some kind of affinity space for straight cis people and you don’t know who is participating here or how they will take your point, your question/comments can easily perpetuate and promote transphobia. so maybe just don’t.

  30. I think this is exactly the space we need to have these conversations. If we only have them in safe bubbles, there will be no true self reflection. This isn’t the thanksgiving table where we should avoid talking about politics with racist uncle hank. I am genuinely curious if people would still be as into Kuina if the character were played by a trans actress.

  31. I don't think it matters I just think people want to cause drama over things like this. the character was played perfectly and there's no difference in a trans actress and the actress they choose. nothing in the story dove that deep into what its like to be trans so there's was literally no need for it at all.

  32. So the default is that characters should be played by cisgender hetero actors unless the material specifically calls for not only the character to be trans but also if the themes and issues explored are specifically related to that experience?

  33. I had never seen this until this year when I thought it might be something fun to watch with the kids. It really did not age well and the humor is very much like a 10 to 1 sketch or like a mildly humorous article in National Lampoon. I am bias also though because I never really liked Chevy Chase. I do love Steve Martin and Martin Short esp in both of their heydays.

  34. Am I going to keep voting Chota until the fucker is gone!

  35. Best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. Second best time is now.

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