1. Here's what I used to do. Wait until a person found a spot, then dart to it quietly. Besides that I used to hide in the clothing bin (it was pretty big)

  2. Oh it's bc those only show whenever there's a banner event. The banner ended so they are not usable until the next one

  3. long distance relationships are hard, and take a lot of commitment. as sad as this sounds, he probably lost interest. id confront him about it. this happened to me as well now twice, and I know how you feel. best of luck to you ❤❤

  4. Haha yeah I’m on everyday too but I’m too lazy to grind that much lol

  5. my immature ass trying not to say "that's what she said" to that last sentence 😭

  6. It's not really a look particularly, more of a vibe. But maybe wear a pride button/pin?

  7. unfortunately this effect only seems to work for the straight males

  8. Communicating with one's partner is probably the most essential factor of an LDR. I know exactly how you feel like, overtime it just feels like you and your partner slowly talk less and less (part of the reason I broke up with an ldr partner). If it's upsetting you, then confront her, ask her how she feels about the relationship. However, it's also important to know when it's time to let go. Moving on can be painful and hard for many, and it may look impossible at first, but eventually the scars will heal. Also, don't forget how difficult LDRs are. It takes a lot of trust and commitment, so just make sure you're both committed. I wish you the best of luck :)

  9. oh wait no I guess I can qualify as straight... ...only if men, intersexes, and NBs got removed from the equation

  10. Are you trying to confuse me with math and equations now??? 😠😤

  11. yep, such simple math. (NB²+x+m)-10¹⁰=s let s=straight

  12. You are not Catholic, bible doesn't allow lgtbq shit.... Today's Christians stand for nothing even if we abuse Jesus they don't give a shit, today's society can make fun of Jesus whenever they want and no Christian would give a fuck that's how weak your faith is

  13. ima say something scary...I AM part of LGBT and catholic 😱 (forced into religion but yeah still). and get this, the original Bible doesn't say anything disapproving homosexuality. People just take it out of context and use it against those that are queer. When in context, the verses with men-loving-men discuss the prohibition of pedophilia, greed, bestiality, etc. In fact, Jesus never even stated its a sin, therefore it's not confirmed to be a sin. So yeah, that's that (also, the thing saying "men shouldn't lie with men as they do with women" verse from Leviticus was originally "men should not lie with BOY as you do a women", indicating pedophilia and not homosexuality)

  14. It just came in and it was like 10pm so I didn't iron it and I was lazy 😭

  15. Ikr I'm literally the most positive and extroverted person in school like wtf 😭

  16. dudeeee fr. it's just a fashion choice (at least in my case) and some people need to chill 🤚😔

  17. People who use religion as an excuse to blatantly hate on other people's race, religious beliefs, sexuality, or just people in general

  18. It’s clearly been scratched and abused by kids, and not cleaned for a long time. Not a design issue, just years of neglect and abuse.

  19. I tried cleaning with with my soaps (I do aquatic sports so I have soap) and water and it only made it shinier amd didn't reflect. It's like they drilled a piece of metal into a wall imo.

  20. If he's my type and into boys then sure 🤷🏽‍♂️

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