Nobody think support is fun because y'all suck at DPS

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  1. I think you guys are reading too much into it and op just thinks it's funny the guy said his boss is a dog and someone was so upset by this they wrote a review

  2. Yeah that’s exactly it lmao. Showed it to my friends and we were all laughing at that part so I thought Reddit would enjoy it too. Now everyone’s arguing about phobias and dogs and money laundering. It was never meant to be that deep 😭

  3. What kind of dog does the store have? Oddly enough there is a furniture store in my area with a dog that lives there as it's mascot of sorts. It's a smaller beagle sort of dog and just sort of wanders around, doesn't really bother anyone. I'm not sure how they would react if someone told them to put the dog away.

  4. I believe it’s a poodle, they have a picture of it on their website. Personally I love when stores have a pet that hangs around if it’s well behaved :)

  5. I have a MacBook Air with the M1 chip and it runs the game beautifully, even with lots of CC! It doesn’t even get warm. I got mine on sale for around 900, but used models might be more affordable.

  6. I also play on a MacBook Air I got preowned for around 700 and haven’t had any issues playing with lots of CC.

  7. Damn! FTHB from north Olmsted, we put an offer in on a house in Brunswick on substation but it didn’t pass inspection

  8. My fiancé is from North Olmsted! We had 2 houses we offered on fall thru before closing on this one in Brook Park this past Tuesday. Third times the charm

  9. Hahaha someone put it up there while drunk to hide it and forgot about it. Thinking about the amount of time they spent looking for it, and the amount of worry they felt of their SO finding it is hilarious.

  10. Lakewood Electric. Heard nothing but good things about the artists there

  11. It’s your collection, nothing wrong with going that route. Repro boxes are a great option for those of us that want boxes but don’t want to pay the high price for an original

  12. I haven’t played civ in forever (just lurk here sometimes) but could it be “auf wiedersehen” which means goodbye in German?

  13. As I remember it she led a discord where she toyed with 4chan guys and degraded them for money, and one of the guys was especially obsessed with her. He figured out where she was from pictures she was sharing and tracked her down to a concert she was at that night, and when she got in her car, he walked up and got in with her and slit her throat before she could react, and then took pictures and sent them to the group gloating at her other fans and antagonizing them. He wasn't her boyfriend at all, so I'm not sure why that's what news perpetuated

  14. This isn’t entirely true. There is a lot of misinformation about this case floating around.

  15. Jesus. Thanks for sharing that. I’m a little traumatized, but much better informed. Signed the petition too. Wow.

  16. It’s such a heartbreaking case. I didn’t know Bianca that well but we followed each other on Instagram and had a lot of mutual friends. I was shocked when this happened.

  17. I thought Dishonored was better and I absolutely adored Prey. That's how good Arkane is

  18. Dishonored 2 is my favorite. All 3 games are fantastic though. If you like Prey for the style and storytelling you will definitely like Dishonored as well.

  19. If you have a Discover card they offer a service to do this for free on the app

  20. Really, I'd have a little less issue with it if the algorithm for it factored in healing/saves as opposed to just damage/kills (at least, I can't recall seeing one in OW2 that was based on saving people). But even then, I'd just hate for something that might encourage some players to make suboptimal plays in the hope of getting some extra premium currency.

  21. I’ve actually gotten a couple as Zen that were saves with his ult! So it does factor that in, but still I feel like the algorithm favors kills over saves most of the time

  22. Same with Zenyatta. But it’s rare compared to the amount I get playing DPS or tank.

  23. Yeah it’s been really common for me too. A lot of them are right at the start so I don’t mind those, but mid game it’s a huge bummer.

  24. What rank are you in? I started pretty low and noticed this too, but as I climb higher games are starting to seem a lot more evenly matched.

  25. I quite enjoy the Cleveland Aquarium. I found a new appreciation for it when I went to the Seattle Aquarium a few years back. $35 dollars per ticket and only 1/4 of the size of Cleveland's. There weren't even any sharks! There was also a sushi bar on top, which is honestly really tacky.

  26. I agree! It’s not something you go to often but I think it’s worth it to go at least once. I’ve been to other aquariums that are much smaller and cost the same/more to get into. Most cost at least as much as the Cleveland Aquarium.

  27. I love when someone is spamming “I need healing!” and they’re alone on the other side of wall in a 1v3 fight that they charged into or something. Lol you’re on your own bro

  28. I disagree but this would be pretty fun as a support main lol. Support gets so frustrating when you keep getting teams that ignore your existence/can’t get kills when their DPS is targeting you constantly 🥲

  29. I played the game a LOT more to grind for skins when everything wasn’t locked behind a paywall. Now I just don’t care because there’s nothing to work towards. The battle pass stuff sucks.

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