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  1. Yes, their products are fantastic. We have been buying from them for the last few years and will never go back to grocery store meats.

  2. How’d you find out it was grass fed?

  3. Keep in context a lot of a rate markup is to cover overhead expenses not exclusively your salary. It doesn't hurt to ask for a raise but just be mindful on the business side of things when determining that number you want.

  4. Found out that it’s just insurance that they have to cover, so outside of insurance, there’s nothing else they need (spoke to HR). So I’m guessing since insurance is the only thing they need to pay for, the rest goes to me. How much could insurance really be? I can’t imagine more than $5000–10000 a year if that.

  5. Assuming you're driving - Calculate the cost of gas now, with an anticipated increase over the next few months. How much gas you'll use weekly and it's cost, then subtract that from your increased earnings. Also factor in things like money spent on lunch, wardrobe, coffee or office incidentals.

  6. Could be dangerous territory, how close are the cousins? Are they in the same friend group, etc? I feel like it’s worth a shot if you felt something with ‘S’, given that ‘J’ didn’t seem interested, she really doesn’t have a place to get upset if she ghosted you. Is there a way to reach out to ‘S’ without asking through ‘J’ I feel like that might be the best option imo.

  7. Yea they’re in the same friend group. Not only do they all go out together, they even go on trips together with their other friends. Definitely are close. No way to reach out to S without J though since I don’t have any of her socials.

  8. Would not care at all whatsoever, if you end up with her long term, you’d end up seeing her without makeup anyway

  9. The risk of HF’s losing money is greater than the consequences of naked shorting.

  10. But naked shorting only digs a deeper hole, meaning they’ll just owe more money when it’s time to cover. Naked shorting is a bigger risk since the longer they kick the can down the road, the closer they run into a potential ATER PR that could send this flying and force them to cover some of their short position. Naked shorting would only exacerbate the situation for them

  11. Omg get fucked, that’s horrible 😭

  12. While I don’t agree with Sowell on much of anything, one thing I will say he was right about was welfare after the Civil rights hurting Black Americans. It tore families and incentivized Black women to pursue single motherhood.

  13. Did it though? Or did it incentivize black men not to marry? I'm using the logic of, it takes two to tango.

  14. There’s no way of proving that. Lets say that what you said was true though, if that were the case, wouldn’t there be less married Black men than married Black women? The data says otherwise:

  15. 2 days ago you lot were telling everyone to buy at the top. Yesterday and today telling everyone to hold. Now telling people to catch a falling knife.

  16. No, people just need to develop more sense and self control. If not, they’ll just get burned on the play. I warned people about RDBX, but that’s just the nature of these kinds of plays. There will always be someone who will be left holding the bag

  17. I keep hearing about bad things happening in the world and there’s always a “This reminds me of Stephen King’s” comment, guy must’ve been thorough with his accidental predictions

  18. I hope so. I’ve been thinking about sending an email to ATER. They seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel. Insiders not buying? No new acquisitions in months. When is Q2 earnings? We can probably expect no growth due to slowing economy and no acquisitions. Will we take another good will hit on earnings due to the share price falling again? I’ll be adding at these prices but we have warrant coming in September I think. Bullish on the $25 warrants though.

  19. A lot of institutional buying though reported in March. That’s a good sign

  20. Nope, it’s ATER next, been waiting for this one for a while

  21. There were other factors which kinda negate that point. He didn’t have a full body for one. Like he was just an extension of Samehada. He used either all or a large portion to build his body. Still without Samehada he is multiple times weaker than his base form. Then before he even fought Guy he was damaged by KCM Naruto and caught off guard by base Guy. After that Guy still used 7th Gate. And tbh he only won because he had the advantage against Kisame’s fighting style.

  22. But kisame at the environmental advantage in the water dome. What advantage did Guy have over kisame’s fighting style? To me it just looked like Guy purely overpowered him

  23. I pay 109 on a month to month. I joined a couple months ago. I was told the normal month to month charge is 139 and that they were ending the promo the next day. 12 month commitment was also 109. I paid an activation type fee, but don’t remember what it was. About a month ago I was asked if I knew anyone wanting to join because the activation fee was $1. Your best bet is to just go in and ask.

  24. I’ll take this. I only want it for the summer anyway really, so month to month would be perfect.

  25. If this is the one with pool on top if high rise...invaluable

  26. $49 initiation fee and $79 a month, 12 months

  27. Carti x AXE collab? No way I’m going to believe they just like him

  28. I really like this theory. It would explain why they’re seemingly saving Mitsuki’s Sage mode for after the time skip. Also explains why Urashiki was so surprised by it. Definitely think it’s some sort of ten tails seed Sage mode. Wouldn’t put it past Orochimaru to scavenge the battlefield after the fight with Kaguya and collect some specimen/samples

  29. Guy behind the camera pointing a gun at his head

  30. Honestly it seems pretty similar to the SPRT play, if it plays out the same way, should rip to between $35-50 then start dropping steadily up until the acquisition...that's a big if...but I'm far enough in the green and playing with house money now to sit back and wait u til just before the merger to exit if need be

  31. SPRT had no warrants at $11.50 like this. I’d just be careful

  32. thanks for the squeeze 😂😂😂 no squeeze happened. You just lost so much money. This is going 25$+ soon and with more people involved, 100$ easy

  33. Not with those warrants at $11.50 you won’t

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