1. I second this. I’m from the DC area and I miss being able to go out and get authentic Afghan, Ethiopian, and Peruvian chicken.

  2. Inka Chicken in Pflugerville for your Peruvian chicken needs…

  3. The big question… do they have the mayonnaise?

  4. Still better than the person who wrote Trump on a manatee.

  5. A little hopeful post for those with scared dogs they’re recently adopted. The skinny piece of chicken is what Mr. Peanut Butter used to look like. I got him from a shelter and he was my first dog. I remember the first month was rough and I was really disheartened by all the posts of people who’s rescues were over the moon to have been adopted and they didn’t seem to be having issues. I often felt like he didn’t really want to be around me and that I somehow made a mistake. Was I some terrible dog mom?

  6. Agreed! She looks similar to my Mr. Peanut Butter. He’s a Pyr mix.

  7. This may be a dumb question, but I generally put my recycling in a cardboard box or paper bag. Is that an issue?

  8. I’m on their budget billing and my charge went from $27 dollars 6 months ago to $43 this last month. I only use my heat 10 days in the winter and I have a hot water heater.

  9. The only one I can think of is at Austin’s on 35 just south of Pflugerville. It used to be Austin Park and Pizza.

  10. A old school playground merry-go-round? Just confirming

  11. https://images.app.goo.gl/agDw9znxjrmZtNoe6

  12. I’ve been living in Austin apartments for over 15 years and just recently moved into a house. It’s only our first month but our utility bill is now through the roof, almost $500. It’s just my partner and I and we are pretty diligent about turning off electronics and not using too much water. I called the city of Austin utility line and the guy I spoke with just said “yea it seems really high” but didn’t offer any resolve other than a payment plan or budget billing. I am aware of all the added fees for homes in residential areas vs. apartments, but is it normal for water to be over $200? Or electric? Hope this is applicable for stupid question Sunday.

  13. Do you know when the AC unit was last cleaned or serviced? I’ve heard this can make a big difference. Insulation also makes a big difference which a lot of rentals don’t bother to update. Do you know if you have single or double pane windows?

  14. It was actually last cleaned/service about a month before we moved in. It’s a newer unit that was installed just last year but I think the insulation may be the bigger issue. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there an obvious way to check if the windows are single or double pane?

  15. That’s not a dumb question at all.

  16. I’ve noticed a lot of goodwills have weird pricing in Austin. I also noticed the same thing in DC. Savers was better, but the stores in Austin proper closed. St. Vincent de Paul on Braker has much more reasonable pricing. I know Texas thrift also has plates, but I don’t know about their pricing. Their clothes are reasonably priced.

  17. On the plus side you can easily trap James Woods.

  18. Yeah... they added 3 rooms to the house without permits, including an additional ductless AC unit inside a closet.

  19. Do all the rooms have windows? They legally have to have a way to escape in case of a fire. I wonder if you can report that to code enforcement.

  20. Do all the rooms have windows? They legally have to have a way to escape in case of a fire. I wonder if you can report that to code enforcement.

  21. Pooping. Like I just love the feeling of it. Like it just feels so.. releasing. Which I guess that’s the whole point. Especially when he’s been bothering you for a while then you finally just let it out. It just hits diffeeent

  22. Sell it as is; take whatever you get. Enjoy your inheritance.

  23. I think people often don’t think of the stress involved in fixing up a house. You also never know what you will find behind walls. There’s always a new problem to find.

  24. There was an accident almost a week ago in that same area that also shut down 35

  25. That’s close to my neighborhood. It’s a fucking shit show every day.

  26. I saw someone drive onto the freeway going the wrong way last night in that area. Luckily everyone noticed and stopped while the car turned around, but it could have been so bad.

  27. That’s what terrifies me. So many of the drivers around here are so bad you can’t really even be a defensive driver. What are you supposed to do if you get in that situation on a busy highway?

  28. Prince Phillip was to old people what old people are to us

  29. I don’t know, but if you are on Facebook there is a group called Antman’s hill that has lots of knowledgeable people that might be able to identify. That’s where I’ve gone in the past.

  30. The first week the South Terminal opened I had a flight with Allegiant. Long story short there weren’t any clear signs about the south terminal and Allegiant so I went through regular security. I ended up running late for my flight and missing it. They told me they had another flight to Cincinnati in a week or I could fly to Columbus (4 hour drive to Cincinnati). I couldn’t wait a week because it was for my uncle’s funeral. It ended up being cheaper to buy a ticket with AA.

  31. Austin Park and Pizza has a giraffe on their merry go round. It’s right off I35 just north of Austin. It may have changed names, but I can’t keep up.

  32. It’s now just “Austin’s” lol. They recently renovated the interior to be MUCH nicer and added a decent restaurant/real bar now with a similarly ridiculous name: “REVL Social Club”

  33. I could have sworn I saw Revel somewhere. They tryin to be bougie.

  34. Your place; cause you don’t know how to cook. 🥁

  35. Best bet would be parks and wildlife / game warden but I doubt they'd do anything. Unless they are causing serious damage they tend to let things be in the City.

  36. These things can do some serious damage. People don’t realize how much pigs can fuck up the environment.

  37. We should build a SECOND mini train as a shuttle to Zilker park!

  38. Board Certified Master Arborist with 12 years of experience with Central Texas trees here.

  39. Every time I see someone in my neighborhood moving I pray they put one of those at the curb. They are more expensive than you would think, but so extremely useful.

  40. Going into work while sick. Had a coworker who bragged on social media about having strep throat, but was still working because she “values hard work”.

  41. This 100%! It’s even worse when they complain the whole time about how sick they are.

  42. And then complain when everyone they got sick calls out.

  43. “When I got sick I was here ready to work. No one wants to work anymore.”

  44. What is going on? What avatar did I rip off and how?

  45. You are a green goblin with pink slippers. He is just a green goblin.

  46. In his defense he has fancier panties, too!

  47. Baby Greens if you want a healthy food option.

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