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  1. nooooo just really tan 😂

  2. that’s not it, i’m pretty sure this level of tanning was the trend back then

  3. Seriously, did your grandpa settle down with a blackfaced prostitute?

  4. she’s not in blackface!! she doused herself in baby oil and layed in the sun for hours with her friends at the beach. the 60s were a weird time

  5. I had a dentist say that my teeth reminded him of a clinic he worked at in South Philly. I left in tears

  6. No they are not. They love eachother as co parents, they have both given eachother so much happiness through their children, and because of that they love eachother through their kids.

  7. i don’t think you’re correct. you literally have Toby in the last episode saying if he could go back in time, he would. you just have to literally have to watch their exchange to see. people who love each other “only through their children” wouldn’t say “oh i would go back and repair our marriage if i could”. if you’re ok with them being divorced that’s fine, but you can’t pretend that kate and philip have nearly as much chemistry.

  8. I don’t think he was saying he wanted to go back and repair their marriage. I think he was saying that even though he knew their marriage didn’t make it, he’d still go back and do it all again (as opposed to going back in time and choosing to not marry her).

  9. yes that’s how i saw it too!

  10. Yeahhhh I mean don’t get me wrong it was a fine episode etc but this definitely felt like a filler episode that should’ve been half way into this season.

  11. yes!! and also very randall-centric. we barely saw how kate and kevin were affected…

  12. i’m so upset like we didn’t even get to see how kate and kevin were affected… last week’s episode should have been the finale tbh

  13. i’m so disappointed :( i feel like i’m the only one


  15. Almost got 'em! We'd love to share this on our social channels and credit you, let us know if you'd be interested!

  16. Great! Would you like us to credit your Reddit name or another social channel?

  17. you can credit “dakota_likethestate” on tiktok 😊

  18. so much secondhand embarrassment from the kat/ethan scene like girl what were you thinking


  20. hi!! if anyone has a spare 20% off code i would be so grateful 🥺🤍

  21. Hi! i’m looking for $10 off or 20% off to buy a christmas gift for my mom. i would be so grateful 🥺

  22. Love the aesthetic! Do you feel comfortable sharing the artist?

  23. thank you so much! her name is cali.tattoos on instagram 🤍

  24. The tattoo is gorgeous. Where did you get it done, and who is the artist? I'm always collecting tattoo artists on Instagram to tempt myself into more work...

  25. thank you so much 🤍 i got it done at magnum opus tattoo collective in somers point, NJ! my artist’s instagram is cali.tattoos 😊

  26. i just did :) thank you for the suggestion!

  27. How did you like your experience there? I’ve been considering Hidden Cove for my first but now I think I should check out the artists at Magnum Opus as well.

  28. i had an incredible experience! i highly recommend. super clean, professional and friendly! good atmosphere 😊 what kind of tattoo are you thinking about getting?

  29. Holy shit - I've loved cows since high school and found that poem like a month ago and made an appointment with my artist last week to get a tat in Janurary inspired by that poem. Big world lol. Very beautiful!

  30. omg!!! i would love to see how yours turns out 💕

  31. How about the people who accused the parents of helping their son flee or hiding their son?

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