1. Thanks for the clarification and explanation, good to know y’all are helping the community :)

  2. Aight y’all, this has obviously attracted a lot of bikers and a lot of biker haters. All I wanted to know was if it was legal or not lmao. I’m not concerned or butthurt that my drive was stalled for 30 seconds, I really don’t care if shit like this happens, I was just asking a question. This post was not meant to be aggressive towards bikers in any sort of manner, sorry that some of y’all thought it was. Drive and ride safe everyone.

  3. Lmao finally, and there it is. That’s my daily commute and that’s nothing, they keep on the shoulder for about 1 mile. There’s no yielding and there’s debris everywhere all the time. 295 Washington parkway.

  4. I’m not used to the crazy people around DC lol, stay safe on your commute

  5. Oh my god Dead MCR I thought I never see anyone listen to it you have good taste my brother

  6. I never stopped listening, always a banger

  7. So… unless I’m mistaken, the correct way to deal with the lane ending, is for the cammer to stay in their lane and zipper-merge when the lane narrows. The fact that the cammer speeds up to block the car technically doing the correct thing is pretty douchey, but then again it would also appear the right-most car is going significantly faster than the rest of traffic, and could be interpreted as just trying to get ahead.

  8. It was a “right lane ends” merge not a zipper merge, I might have been a little horn happy but the dude got into the right lane to try and pass everyone else. In the cam I can see where it looks like I accelerated but I was maintaining speed :)

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