Clean from heroin for 1 year tomorrow! It was hard, but worth it! Feeling proud & wanted to share! (OC)

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  1. It’s people like you that make what I do tolerable and allow me to continue to have hope… I’m an ER nurse. I see so many people every day at work who are actively losing the fight with addiction. Please keep it up… and know in your heart of hearts that you will always have support from people like me.

  2. Dang… I normally gotta pay for that kinda action.

  3. Bruv… I formally withdraw my request to study statistical mechanics.

  4. Bruv… the elves could win Olympic gold in ski jump off that beak of yours.

  5. Bruv… why you wearing your grandmum’s pajama bottoms!?

  6. American Southerner here… my experience with UK brisket (actually, most beef in Europe) is that there tends to be less fat on the cut after the butcher has trimmed it out. This made the meat a little dry for us (my wife is Swiss, but still enjoys my southern cooking). The way I made up for that was to brine the beef overnight. Just remember, the longer you are going to brine means the salt percentage should be less. The shorter the brine time, the higher the percentage of salt. I usually add a whole bunch of my dry rub to the brine… So the longer the brine the more of the dry rub flavor gets into the meat prior to me actually adding the dry rub after the slather. It looks like what you’ve got there is a piece of flat that has been rolled up for a roast. You could unroll it and brine it, or you could just get yourself another a piece of beef (considering the price of beef in Europe last time we were there, I’d just unroll what you’ve got). If we’re in the States, I usually get a whole brisket and always separate the point from the flat prior to brining it as they have different cook times. Also, I never try to smoke any piece of meat according to a time schedule. I always smoke mine according to temperature. Unwrapped until the stall, wrapped for the stall and higher. I pull beef off usually at 202 or 203 Fahrenheit. Then rest for a bare minimum of 15 minutes per kilo. Hope this helps. Good cooking.

  7. Bruv…. none of us could do worse than what genetics have done to you…

  8. You got disqualified from the “average white guy” contest for using performance enhancing average whiteness.

  9. Idk, but Sir Cituous was still on his way

  10. Sir Endipitous just knew this was supposed to happen.

  11. Looks like your eyes might be leaving that place a full 5 minutes before the rest of you.

  12. We don’t need to make you regret living when your mom already does.

  13. Don’t you have a containership to be high jacking?

  14. Dude… if you got a 500 lb woman, you’d look like a burnt toothpick stuck in an olive…

  15. Don’t you think there’s been enough roasting in Germany for many, many generations to come?

  16. Low self-esteem? You’re only a nose job away from doing all the porn you could want…

  17. Damn… Pee Wee Herman and Ed Norton had a LGBTQ love child.

  18. Next time you want to piss away a couple hundred bucks, go watch your daughter dance on a pole…

  19. Did your baby throw up on some raw cinnamon roll dough?

  20. You know that’s her hair, right? She’s got the receipt to prove it…

  21. You look like my first Skyrim character when I put all the face sliders to one side

  22. Peter Mayhew was 7' 3", the costume didn't add much height and no visual effects were used to increase that height.

  23. Band: Jellyfish Album: Spilt Milk Songs: Joining a Fan Club, Glutton of Sympathy, New Mistake

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